Everyone is beautiful in their own way

Love begins with you

This is the philosophy of Enrich Salons. And this is what differentiates Enrich from other salons. Enrich does not simply work from the outside, but tries to simply enhance the beauty that lies within each person. It also recognises beauty as being the manifestation of love. Not only in the eyes of the beholder but love for yourself for being yourself. Here is one of the many examples of how different people spread love differently and have their own brand of inner beauty.



Beauty lies not only in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty lies in every one. Each and every single one of us. In different avatars. There is no single definition of beauty. It is something that pleases another or oneself, but in a positive way. And each of one have at least one such quality in us, which makes us beautiful for that particular reason. Insecurity about being beautiful is the only ugly thing. Not you. You are beautiful. But I am not beautiful like you. I am beautiful like me. Being your own kind of beautiful, or in other words, being yourself, is the best it can get. It is only up to one to find that within oneself and cultivate it. And the moment you accept that, you become beautiful.

Sadly, some mistakes society has taught us to make

When it comes to beauty, we immediately begin to compare. That is a very un-beautiful thing to do. It takes away from the essence of beauty. The one that lies within. Her hair is more beautiful than man. Her baby is more beautiful than mine. My figure is more beautiful than hers. Her voice is sweeter than mine. That is how we tend to think and compare even without knowing it. That is wrong. Beauty comes in different forms. Just like straight hair or curly hair. Beauty cannot be measured in levels. You are your kind of you. I am my kind of me. We also tend to categorise beauty. I would call that being downright racist, that too in no uncertain terms. And we are all guilty of it at some point of our lives. We tend to be happier is the baby is fair skinned. We look for the tallest groom for the child instead of the kindest. So while beauty is there in everyone, it is up to us to find and value it.


The classic case of Betty versus Veronica

Who has not read Archies comics and who has not laughed at the antics of Jughead, and who is not familiar with Betty and Veronica and their epic yet friendly fights for Archie’s heart! While reading and enjoying these comics we have often judged even without knowing it about who was more beautiful, Betty or Veronica? While at times we have been sure about who we liked better, there have been others when we have shifted views. This is because of the fact that even while being two totally different people with totally different looks, each has been beautiful in her own way. Let us see how.


Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper is a beautiful blond. She is caring, loving, sweet and thinks about others treating all members of society as equals. She is the model girl a guy would like to take home to his mother. Coming from a not-rich family, she is not spoilt, and is hands on on mostly everything. From making her own clothes to cooking. At the same time she has an eye for fashion mind you. She loves animals and babies, and is correctly concerned about all the right issues like the environment, garbage disposal, social problems and more. At the same time she is handy at fixing a car, is great at sports and is highly intelligent. Hands down a beautiful person inside and out.


Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge is the complete opposite. She is a beautiful brunette. She hails from a very rich family and is completely spoilt and vain. She is only interested in fashion, in being sassy, in throwing her temper around, and in shopping. That is when she is not competing for Archie’s attention with Betty. She is selfish to a fault and wants to be a winner in everything however unreasonable. She loves to gossip. She sucks at sports as well as at cooking. She is great at billiards though since her parents could afford their own pool table and is good in only one subject. Economics. Yes sometimes she is nice too, but those moments are rare.


So why are they both beautiful?

Why Betty is beautiful is obvious. She not only looks good, takes care of herself, but also takes care of others around her which makes her beautiful inside too. But imagine a party where no glasses break. Or a class of children who are completely well behaved all the time! After a while it would get a bit dull, wouldn’t it? That is Veronica’s beauty. The innocent rupture of the socially accepted image of goodness and beauty. The beauty of a tantrummy pout. The healthy gossiping that is every adolescent’s right. The beauty of the naughty girl. Now do you realize why Archie is forever divided over whom to choose to go for the dance with?


An interesting take on the characters

Because it is a comic series, Betty and Veronica are two separate characters. Yet they are what is now known as Best Friends Forever. What they actually signify is the duality that lies in every one. The charming and the imp. Everybody has these two sides to them, and at times one or the other takes over. Which is what makes people even more beautiful not only in their own way, but for different reasons on different days. It is up to the person to indulge herself in being a bit of both, and up to others to see the beauty every time. Beauty is always there. It just has to be recognized for what it is instead of stereotyping it or even defining it.


And there is great music when beauty is accepted in its different forms

This is just a reference to the famous Archies issue where Betty and Veronica join Archie’s music band called The Archies where they both sing together in accompaniment to Veronica’s organ and Betty’s tambourine. Signifying that a society where every one is allowed to be beautiful in their own way is a harmonious and fun society. And yes, a beautiful society.

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