Enrich Salon and TRUSTED MARK

A bit about Enrich Salons

Enrich Salon which started as a single salon in 1997, is now, with 57 addresses, Mumbai’s largest unisex salon chain and has branches in Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and Vadodara. And it is still growing. It is more of an experience than a service provider and has taken the Beauty & Wellness business to whole new heights. This is because of their focus on the customer through various parameters like quality standards and service consistency. Partnerships with big names like L’Oreal, Agelock, Remy Laure and Christian Valmy has helped bring the best of world class styling and care to the customer’s service. It has 2,60,000 loyal customers, and counting.


So what keeps these beautiful people going back there?

An interesting insight into customer psychology lists a number of things that are as important to the customer as the final product or service they seek to buy. Here are a few, and how Enrich Salons match up to each.


Customer service

Great customer service that is personalised to boot is a winner. Having people at the desk who have people skills matter. Good customer service is about not only assisting customers in a friendly manner, but efficiently too. The aim is customer satisfaction and the skills necessary for doing this job right are being able to handle issues in an empathetic manner and seeing every issue resolved to its end. It is what sets one company apart from another offering the same goods or services for sale. Enrich Salons, from its inception, has been single mindedly customer oriented. They hire people who have good people skills, and then train them to better these skills further. So when the customer walks in, he or she feels like the individual that he or she is instead of just another customer waiting in a line, and that he or she will be heard and taken care of personally.


Sensory experience

People want to feel good at all times, even when they shop. This greatly influences their buying behaviour and the amount of time they spend doing so. Designing the outlet not only for shopping convenience but also for a sensory experience helps. When a customer walks into an Enrich Salon in order to look beautiful, he or she is also made to feel beautiful at the same time. The superbly designed interiors, the relaxing atmosphere, the aromatic air that further relaxes the senses, the gentle touch of the expert technician, the soft music that lulls you to a beautiful stupor while the technician works on the customer makes him or her want to spend some more time there, and keep coming back. A complete win win situation.


Bonus entertainment

Nowadays people are always looking to having a good time even when shopping. So a little activity corner will make their visit to the store like an outing. Enrich Salons takes this a step further by not only having these little interactive corners at their salons every once in a while, but also holding regular fun events themed around beauty and fitness that give people a day out with their favourite salon, with in this case maybe a little beauty corner on one side of the venue!


A curated experience

While you might think people will want a huge variety to choose from, what actually it results in is overwhelming confusion. Having staff advise where necessary and to keep only the best helps. How does Enrich Salon match up to this? By hiring trained professionals and training them even further so they can offer comprehensive advice about what would be the best treatment or style a customer should go in for depending on his or her features, hair type, skin type and needs. Then there are the regular expert speak workshops that keep the staff updated to trending beauty and wellness tips, as well as the tie ups with giants like like L’Oreal, Agelock, Remy Laure and Christian Valmy that guarantee the best quality of products used ever.


Online and offline integration

Giving the customer a choice between shopping and interacting on the store floor as well as through a website both of which are seamlessly integrated adds hugely to the convenience of shopping while not doing away with the human element entirely. This includes mobile integration as well. Enrich has all of this plus a home salon service named Belita that takes the integration even further. When at home, you can visit the site and choose the services you need and book an appointment. Or simply call Enrich Salon home to you and enjoy the finest treatments they have to offer from the comfort of your home. What is best is that all of these services are seamlessly integrated by being centred around one person. The customer.


A mark

Last but not in any way the least, consumers look for a mark of standardisation in the products or services offered by the outlet, or in fact, for the overall retail outlet itself. With increasing consumer awareness, this has become a need for the day. Take for example the AGMARK on agricultural products in India or the ISI mark for all Indian industrial products. Sadly till now there was nothing to that effect for retail. The great news is, now there is. And Enrich was the first company not just in Beauty & Wellness but across all retail verticals to be certified with it. The certification of TRUSTED MARK.


Introducing TRUSTED MARK

TRUSTED MARK was launched in India at the India Retail Forum 2016 as a seal of excellence customer service and retailer assurance which can only be given to those retail outlets that comply completely to various parameters like goods and services, regulatory compliance, HR practices, environmental sustainability, communication, terms and conditions, customer service, IT ecosystem, customer data safety and privacy, and feedback and dispute resolution. The objective behind introducing a mark of certification in the retail business is to modernise Indian retail towards being more customer oriented while adhering to stringent government regulated guidelines. The aim is to work towards transparency, trust, quality, awareness and confidence.


Enrich Salons and TRUSTED MARK

For Enrich Salon, getting a TRUSTED MARK certification was a fairly rigorous process but nevertheless a smooth one thanks to the company already being in place to meet the necessary requirements, for reasons you have read above. Today it is TRUSTED MARK certified which means a customer can walk in to any Enrich Salon outlet for the first time and rest assured of its services and their quality. For old customers, they already know they can rest assured and will happily testify that Enrich Salon earned its mark.


What Enrich was judged on

Each of its outlets has dedicated SOP / Manual / Policy document to ensure Regulatory compliance in all areas of its business, as per applicable Laws of the land. It has NOC from the fire officer wherever applicable. It practices customer-centric environment Sustainability in the areas of waste management, details collection, storage and disposal. The SOP / Manual / Policy document has provision for ‘Staff training’ focusing on Customer service. Each document has guidelines on ethics, use of channels and appropriate content to be used for both external and internal communication along with details pertaining to quality standards and procedures in sourcing, buying and procuring quality goods and services through certified vendor base. Each document also details the process of managing, monitoring and safeguarding its Information Technology (IT) systems and digital information.

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