7 Reasons Why Massage At Home Is Better Than Massage At A Spa

Would you rather you had a massage bed or a massage table?

Jokes apart, having a body massage at home as opposed to the same one at a spa has too many benefits to ignore. Here are some of the reasons to have a body massage home literally delivered to you by professional therapists and beauticians instead of another trip to the spa. Remember all you will need for a body massage at home is a bed or table near a source of water. That’s it. Read on and learn how to make the relaxing experience of a body massage even more relaxing.

  1. Save on travel time

You are either a professional, or a homemaker, or a mother, or any combination of the three. And you find yourself constantly juggling between your duties towards others and their demands in your life. And giving yourself that massage is some time and thought that you have finally spared for yourself. Or you are just a happily lazy teenager who loves to, well, just be lazy. So why should you waste your precious time on getting dressed, travelling to and fro the spa, fighting traffic, looking for and spending on parking space, and then again waiting in queue over there? With a repeat performance on the way back at that? Easier to book an appointment with a home salon service and lie back and just get your body massage, isn’t it?

  1. Choose your own mood

While spas spend a lot of thought and money in their environs, there really is no place like home. So you can play your own soothing music, light your favourite scented candles, darken the room just the way you like it, and lie back in your own bed or read your favourite book while the masseuse gives you the body massage of your dreams. Enjoy your favourite snack inbetween when hungry if you want!

  1. Spend less money for a more personalized body massage

With a body massage from a home salon service you will need to spend only on the massage and the products that they will need to use to give you one, whereas at the spa your total cost will include bits from their overheads, equipment, maintenance and even rent! What you get as a bonus is a distraction free massage from a masseuse dedicated to giving only you a body massage. And, guess what, if you are the kind of person who likes to budget her expenses, you can get massages done more frequently now because they will cost less!

  1. It is ideal for the elderly, the disabled and more

If age or an unfortunate disability hinders you from going out, it should not hinder you from living your life to the fullest and take the benefits from a simple yet therapeutic thing like a body massage. Home salon services bring you what you can’t get to but need and want. Same with heavily pregnant women and new mothers who just cannot afford to take a few hours off from her newborn who needs constant maternal attention. They can now take a body massage, take a break to feed the baby, change baby’s diaper, and get back to the massage after baby is gurgling happily or fast asleep!

  1. It is ideal for home events like weddings and pamper parties

If a lot of you and your friends and family get together and plan to go for body massages to the spa, either before a wedding or while hosting a pamper party at home, the benefits of a home body massage are great. You don’t all have to troop to the parlour and wait unendingly in queue but can have fun together at home while the masseuse makes you feel on top of the world. Individually.

  1. It relaxes you and helps you stay relaxed even after the massage

A body massage at the spa is meant to relax you. But the relaxation soon leaves you as you step out of the salon in the bustle to get home and into the shower. With a body massage at home you can walk straight into the shower or just fall off to sleep right after while the masseuse lets herself out!

  1. It lets your holiday while holidaying

If you are vacationing you won’t know which spa would be the nearest and best for you, nor how to get there. You would rather spend that time and effort looking for new places to visit and new restaurants to eat at. But your favourite home salon service website or its app will always be at your fingertips for all your beauty and styling needs, so all you have to do is make the appointment and let the goodness of the spa come to you.


So how do you choose which Home Salon Service to go for?

There are plenty of home salon services to choose from as they are quite the trend now. You can either check with your own favourite spa whether they have a such a service, or take recommendations from friends you can trust to take care of themselves. We have a suggestion or two here if you like.

We would recommend starting with a trusted name like Belita

Belita is the home salon service provided by none other than Enrich Salons. It is solely devoted to delivering beauty & spa services at your doorstep. Its mission is to provide every woman with value for money making available personal hygiene, beauty and wellness services at her convenience. Visit belitaindia.com to find out more. To avail of its services book an appointment from the site itself or call 090221 55888.

And if you want a greater range to choose from, ask Ziva

Ziva is an aggregator of home salon services like Belita and also other salons which may or may not provide home solutions. Visit ziva.in to download its app or call 80821 80821to find out more, not only to book appointments but also to be inspired by the latest trends, styles and tips on display there!

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