Who here knows the true story of Valentine’s Day?

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It began in the IIIrd century, when a Roman Emperor, Claudius II, outlawed marriage for young people, believing that single men made better soldiers. Valentinus, a Christian priest, continued marrying young people in secret, contrary to the royal edict. As a result, he was found, arrested, and sentenced to death.

During his final days of imprisonment, being a man of learning, he took a student, the daughter of one of his jailers, Julia, who was blind. He showed her the world through his eyes, shared his wisdom, and comforted her with his quiet strength.

The day of his death (February 14, 270 AD), has now become synonymous with the expression of love, devotion and affection, around the world, in remembrance of Valentinus. Lovers around the world exchange messages, stories, gestures gifts, moments and experiences, on this very special day.

But why should it only be so? Let us remember the true essence of the man in whose memory Valentine’s Day is now celebrated – it is his unwavering hold on his beliefs, on his faith, and on what he found preciouswithin himself i.e. being steadfastly devout to his ideals of Christianity and the Christian marriage, so much so that he remained undeviating even in the face of death.

While such times are passed, it is important, even more so in the modern world, to remember to first love yourself, and find strength within yourself, before sharing it with others. After all, only a flower full of health can share its nectar!

Enrich believes in this ideal. Thus, keeping this in mind, it has come up with a new facial, just in time for Valentine’s Day – the Love Bloom facial.

An excellent facial for all skin types, it will give your facial skin a smooth and even tone, clean out the residue of those busy days spent commuting, and make you as fair as you feel inside.

Following are some of the more significant steps and ingredients:

A cleansing cream full of the sweet goodness of maple, bilberry and orange extracts, which will clean and soothe your skin.

A peeling cream composed of Argan Oil and Shea Butter which will moisturise, reduce melanin production, and give a whitening effect.

A toner, with refreshing rose water, which will unclog the pores and help fight acne.

A special massage cream, containing grape wine extracts which will get your skin buzzing with good health!

We’ll just end with this message – Valentine’s Day is an occasion to spread love. But, every day is an occasion to love yourself. Try this facial – it will give you even more reason to love yourself, and give others a reason to fall in love with you!

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