Time for writing your ‘personal constitution’

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A personal constitution is a documentation of the core values that define an individual and guides their behavior across circumstances. It is a great idea to write your own personal constitution.

It is an effective starting step to understanding yourself and living a more purposeful life. Making choices in a more aware manner in a way that align with your values.

It is a journey of discovery. Fuelled by introspection. Think of the beliefs that have guided the major decisions in your life. Think of what gives you internal peace and fulfillment. Ask why. And have a deeper understanding of what drives you.

And remember, a constitution is a living document, it’s flexibility lies in its amendments. So it is just as important to regularly revisit your constitution and make amendments on the basis of your new learning and realizations.

This Republic Day, as we celebrate the day the nations constitution came into force, make it a point to start working on documenting your own personal constitution –it will ensure that you get started on your journey of loving yourself. And if you are already on the journey, it will make it only more fulfilling!

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