Foot care during monsoon

Monsoon surely brings the relief from summer but what it also brings is wet, smelly and dirty feet, fear of fungal and bacterial infection and many concerns related to the feet. Foot care is of primary concern in the monsoon and hence we present some tips that will help you enjoy the monsoon.

First and foremost, keep your feet clean and dry. As soon as you are back home, make sure you wash your feet with luke-warm water. It will be ideal to dip your feet in warm water and allow yourself to relax. Dry the feet completely especially in between your toes. We would say it is wise to dust your feet with a dry talcum powder.
Moisturize your feet and make it your ritual every night before going to bed. Scrub and wash your feet especially if you have stepped out in rain water to wash off all the dirt. Before going to bed, apply a good moisturizer that will help retain the natural oils and keep your feet supple.
Closed shoes must be avoided as much as possible. They trap the moisture in the shoes which makes feet smell, skin itchy and prone to infection. Picking up on some shoes with open toes will help keep the shoes and your feet dry. Long nails must be avoided too as they have more chances of being infested by bacteria.
Be choosy about your pedicures. Pedicures may sound like a tempting idea to get clean feet in the monsoon. But select your salon with care and ensure all the products and equipments are sterilized and are infection free. We insist that during your next visit to the nearest Enrich Salon, please ask our expert teams about the hygiene standards that we maintain, we are sure you will be happy with what you get to see.
Walking bare feet is absolutely a bad idea especially on wet floors. Wet floors have a tendency to bear infection and can cause allergies that may take a while to heal, especially in monsoon. Keep your feet not just clean but also protected with suitable footwear.
Our feet carry us all day long and hence it is very important that we take great care of them and keep them healthy. For any of your concerns regarding foot care, please don’t hesitate to seek guidance from our team, we will be glad to assist you.

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