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The cold splash of rain drops on your window sill and the gentle breeze in your hair feels heavenly in the monsoon, doesn’t it? The weather is cool, quiet and pleasant and there is love in the air! But wait, did you just say party? Who goes to a party in the crazy rain, get drenched with a smudgy make up?


Well, if it is the monsoon that is stopping you from partying, then don’t let it. Enrich Salon brings good news – very simple make up tips at your finger tips that will help you keep your make up just where you want it to be.

Light base for your make up: The base of your make up should be light. This will help you wear a fresh look throughout the day. Also by any chance if water splashes on your face chances of it getting smudged are less likely. Give your foundation a skip since it may make your face appear patchy with water or sweat. Go for a light BB cream or face powder. They are a safe bet

Water proof products:  Your base has to be right. If the base is smudgy then the entire make up is sure to wash off. So the number one rule is to buy a good quality water proof foundation. Similarly opting a water proof eye liner and mascara are strongly recommended.

Blush: To give your face a creamy dewy look pick up a cream based blush instead of your normal powder blush. If you wish to enhance the colour then add a layer of powder blush over it. The cream blush tends to stay longer on the face and even looks fresher. Go for colours that look natural. Pastel colours look subtle and apt in monsoon.

Eye shadows: The same applies for eye shadows. Subtle colours like beige, pink and brown are the shades of monsoon. A powdered product is better than the cream based ones since the former doesn’t look washed out easily.

Mascara: Unless wearing mascara is absolutely necessary, skip it. And if you must then either go for a water resistant product so that it doesn’t get smudged or you may also pick up clear mascara.

Eyeliners: Use liners that are water proof. Or choose pencil liners over liquid ones. Opting for gel based products is safest for monsoon.

Eyebrows: If you need to fill your eyebrows then choose a brow pencil since it will sit better on the face as compared to a brow powder.

Lipsticks: Any shade is good when it comes to lipstick. There hardly is a problem with that. However make sure your product doesn’t bleed in sweat or in water.

With the above tips being so handy, don’t let the rain wash your party plans away. Do come and visit us to know more about what make up tips suit you this monsoon. Walk in to the nearest Enrich Salon.

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