Sizzling hairstyles for monsoon

Sizzling hairstyles for monsoon
Nothing spoils your mood like a bad hair day! And this gets even worse in a weather that makes your hair feel damp, oily and greasy. This becomes more frequent during monsoon and you are left wondering if there ever is an option to style your hair and not let them feel oily.
Well, the good news is here. Enrich Salon helps you with few quick and easy to do hair styles that will not only leave your hair feeling great but also lift up your spirits instantly.

1. Ponytails: This monsoon you must go for the ponytail styles. They are the most popular trendy hair styles today. The advantage of ponytails is that you get to choose from various styles and still never get enough of them. Some of the ponytails help keep your face clear of hair.

• Instead of a high ponytail, this time tie it at the nape of your neck. Pick a small section of hair and twist it around. Secure the loose end at the bottom of the ponytail with a bobby pin. You are good to go!
• Get hold of a hair curler, add a few curls to your ponytail and make it a bit bouncy.
• Next, you can also try the same ponytails at the side of your neck.
• For a light cocktail evening, pull out some strands of your hair on the face and bring in a more feminine delicate effect.

2. Braids: Braids have seen a total make over recently. With so many styles being brought in everyday, there is always a new braid that is left out. Braids keep your hair manageable, tied up in one place and make you look tidy. They also prevent the hair from getting frizzy.
Take a binge and braid it up!

• For an instant dramatic effect, drop the regular braid this time and instead braid your hair inside out.
• Pull the hair to one side of your head and go for a side braid.
• Choose to accessorize the braid with delicate items like artificial flowers or beads to add glamour.

3. Wavy curls: If you have frizzy hair, maintaining straight hair will always be a concern. Please remember, more the products you try to straighten your hair, more the damage you are causing to your hair. Hence an easy tip is to opt for long wavy curls. This way you will be able to make the frizzy hair look stylishly messy.

4. Buns: Buns are a fun way to do your hair. Wrap your hair in a messy bun or a donut bun, a high bun or a side low bun, it will always add style in your look. Buns are also the most convenient way to keep your hair under check in monsoon.

If there is more that you wish to know about your hair type for the monsoon, please feel free to walk into the nearest Enrich Salon and we shall happily answer all your concerns.

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