Rise and shine this monsoon

We all have a very interesting love-hate relationship with Monsoon. When the summers are gruelling, all that we crave for are monsoon showers. On one hand monsoon brings along the desire to stay indoors, snuggled in a blanket with hot brewing tea, while on the other hand it also brings dirty flooded roads, wet and itchy feet, gloomy clouds and low moods. However in your own small ways there is always a chance to brighten up your spirits this monsoon.

1. Choose right footwear: First things first – Make sure the rain water isn’t making your feet wet, dirty and prone to infection. Make sure you keep your feet clean and dry. Additionally, buy a pair of good quality shoes that bring comfort and style together. You can choose bright colours that will add a dash of shine in the climate. It is so easy today to get a stylish pair of foot wear for the monsoon and in so much variety. Jelly sandals, available in plastic, pvc, rubber and silicone, are very popular.

2. Colour your own clouds: When the clouds go dark for everyone, it is time to pull out your own clouds. Pick up umbrellas with interesting patterns and colours. Match them to your outfit or add contrast to your attire. If you have an artistic streak, pick up a plain umbrella and add your own colours and drawings to it. Make a personalized umbrella this monsoon!

3. Raincoats for convenience: For those who wish to travel light, pick up a raincoat. It adds style to your daily wear; make the rain coats work as a fashion advantage. Go ahead and experiment with different styles, patterns and colours. Go bold, go stylish! You only need a perfectly fitting rain coat and you are good to go and enjoy the monsoon.

4. Be smudge free: It is essential to be careful about the makeup you are wearing. Needless to say the products you use must be water proof. Getting your face smudged as soon as you step out is the worst day spoiler and to avoid this, all you need is to pick up water proof sun screen, foundation, eye liners and mascaras. Be ready to take the splash on the face!

5. Be colourful: When the atmosphere around you is gloomy and dark with clouds, bring a rainbow to the surroundings. Pick up clothes that are bright, dark and in attractive colours. Use accessories that complement the bright colours.

6. Choose the right wardrobe: It actually is a good idea to have a monsoon ready wardrobe. One of the challenges of monsoon is to dry your wet clothes. Also wet clothes especially made of denims and thick material stick on to your body making your skin irritable and itchy. Wear clothes that are light in material and thus can dry quickly like light cotton and georgette.

7. Choose the right fabric: Ankle length trousers while stepping out can also be avoided just as long sleeve dresses need to be kept away for this season. The edges touch surfaces quickly and get very dirty. Skirts, capris and short sleeved dresses serve the need. Keep a pair of extra clothes with you, especially at your work place.

8. Right accessories: Avoid hand bags that are made up of leather. One, your bag will get spoilt once it gets wet and two, it won’t help keep your stuff dry. Buy attractive silicone candy colour bags. They look attractive and are made especially for the season.

9. Look presentable: Monsoon tends to make a bad hair day even worse! Thus to lessen your trouble go with hair styles that need you to tie your hair in a braid or a pony or a bun. This will prevent your hair from getting wet, soggy and frizzy. Keep them away from your face for a fresh and happy you.

We hope that with our short to do list, you will be able to enjoy the monsoon until it lasts, because we know how much you love to grab a bhutta or sip the tea at the nearby tea stall and munch the crispy pakoras.

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