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Do you realize how much stress you give to your nails and how less do you take care of them? And if you are still wondering why you have weird looking nails and cuticles, we have just answered your concern. Almost all of us give our hands too much stress and completely ignore the kind of care our nails need. It is time that we start listening to what our nails are saying and get them in healthy shape.

Taking care of your nails is extremely easy. There are basic things that you need to bring to your regime and everything will fall in place.
1. Using nail polish: Your daily attire these days includes wearing nail polish. It is a part of your style too. Hence we recommend use of nail polish but with caution. Go for brands that are known and are safe to use. Not only will the colour last longer, it will minimize the damage. It is highly recommended that give your nails a break from nail polish every few days. Leaving them without colour will allow them to take in some fresh air and oxygen.

2. Removing Gel polish: Use of gel polish undoubtedly looks great on the nails. However when it starts to wear off, the temptation to peel it off is very high. You must learn to resist the same. Gel polish sits on the nails and peeling it off will also rip off the natural layer of your nails, making them weak and brittle. An ideal way to remove gel polish is to visit a salon and get it done. You may also choose to dip your nails in pure acetone for about 15 minutes and wait for it to lift itself from your nails.

3. Peeling off the regular nail polish: Just like peeling of gel polish, peeling off the regular nail polish is also not recommended. Half peeled nail polish not only looks untidy but also may chip off parts of your nails, making them uneven and shapeless. Thus you must always use a proper nail polish remover.

4. Use of moisturizers: Moisturizing your hands must be a part of your daily routine. A rich hand cream or cuticle oil is strongly recommended which will help heal dry, weak and brittle nails and cuticles. For excessively dry hands, massage your hands daily before bed time, especially applying the cream on the nails and around the finger tips. Then slip on cotton gloves or socks on the hands. This will protect your hands well and retain the natural moisture.

5. Protecting your hands while using cleaning products: While using cleaning products especially the ones that may contain bleach, alcohol or acids or strong detergents, make it a habit to wear gloves. This will protect your hands and nails well.

6. It is ok to be without a nail polish: To sport chipped and torn off nail polish isn’t the right thing to do. If you haven’t got the time to go for the manicure or to apply a fresh coat of polish, choose to keep your nails bare. Though make sure you clean and cut them well.

7. Take care of cuticles: Cuticles provide a protective layer to the nails against bacteria. It safeguards the growth of nails and keeps them free of any sort of infection. Thus removing the cuticles isn’t a good idea. Speak with our nail experts for tips to groom your cuticles well without having to cut them.

8. Filing of nails the right way: Sawing of the nails in both directions – back and forth, only weakens them. It will result in making the nails brittle and easily chip off. Always choose to file the nails in one direction even if it is a bit more time consuming. Pick up a filer that is flexible, fine grit boards and not the metal one.

9. Getting rid of dark nail shades: Have you ever wondered why removing a dark shade of nail polish always leave behind stained nails for over days. And these stained nails do look bad. That is because we forgot to use a base coat. Yes, when you want to apply that perfectly sparkling red nail polish, all you need to do is apply a base coat first which will make the removal of the dark shades easy and stain free.

10. Know your nail polish: With rising awareness on harmful products there is an increasing demand for safe and damage free products. Talking of nail polish brands, always go for a brand that is free from Formaldehyde. Choose labels that read 3-free or 5-free.

While we say that this list of Do’s and Dont’s is quite exhaustive to be able to take care of your nails, we surely encourage you to walk in to the nearest Enrich Salon not only for a delightful session of manicure but also to get a personalized consultation on how you can make your nails healthy and glowing. Our nail care expert team will be happy to assist you.

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