Summer hairstyles for workplace

Deciding what to wear for work every day is a challenge and the thought of what hairstyle to adopt each day can be even more daunting especially when the heat is on the rise. We are more than pleased to help you with some of the sassy looks especially for the workplace that you can enjoy this summer.
The easiest and most popular is the traditional bun. It is not only easy and time saving but also saves you from bad hair days and gives you a clean look by keeping any strands of hair out of your face. You can make it look stylish by putting it up high on the head, bold eyes and nude lips. Isn’t this a perfect way to enter the meeting room with style!

People with bangs can sport a nice low chignon. Just make sure that the bangs don’t fall all over your face. This will help get a clean and professional look. The low chignon is a trendy low bun just above the shoulders behind the neck. This bun helps keep hair rolled up neatly in one place yet giving you a polished corporate feel.
Another hairstyle which looks just as wonderful in a formal attire or in a traditional dress is the one sided braid. Giving a young and classy look, this hairstyle also has the benefit of keeping your hair in one place. You may variations by having a tight braid or having some part of your hair left loose and then tying up the braid. It happens to be one of the favorite styles for many people.
We believe a French braid is that one hair style which can never fail – be it a busy Monday morning meet or a casual and fun filled Friday. A French braid may need some practice and initially can be a little time consuming but once you have mastered it, you can wear it with any attire, it just falls right in place.
If you want to ditch the usual French braid and go for a little zing, then try the reverse French braid. It is a simple braid where you bring the right section under the center section and then the left section under the center. Keep adding small sections of hair from the sides and continue braiding until the very end.
For a very Friday look consider going for the crown braid. This is the chic look which is one of the fastest trending workplace hairstyles. So while you may take your time to pick up the Friday denims, you sure know what hairstyle to choose.
A ponytail is also a very commonly used hairstyle at work. How about giving it a slight twist? Yes, just a little twist of your hair from under the ponytail which wraps around the elastic and is then pinned under, is a great way to start your week. You can choose variations of either having a high or a low ponytail.
Side ponytail adds variation to the neat all hair tied up look. Pull over all the hair towards one side of the head and secure them with elastic. Take a small section of hair and roll it around the elastic, covering it up. Use a bobby pin to secure the last strand under the ponytail and you are good to go.
A very English look can be sported with the inverted ponytail. It adds twist to style. A loose ponytail which is twisted inside out by pulling the whole ponytail through the space between your head and the elastic band, gives you an interesting and beautiful look.
Braided ponytail is a fusion of a braid which starts at the top of the head and is left to be tied up under a ponytail. There is a lot to experiment with this look because if you know a variety of braids you can have as many hairstyles. So each day can have a new a hairstyle literally.
Did we not just help you make your workplace ensemble more fun, easy and stylish! If you wish to seek more personal advice on your over all look for the work place, you can simply meet us in the nearest Enrich Salon and we will take it forward from there.

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