Coolest ways to accessorize your bun

While the summer is heating you crisp, we have something to cool you in some of the trendiest ways. Summer is the season when you certainly wish to put your hair out of your way whether at work or at play. One of the most comfortable ways to do so is to tie up the hair in a bun.
Yes we know what’s on your mind. When we say a bun, we don’t intend to give you a boring everyday bun to go ahead with. There are many easy ways to make it look zingy and sassy. Next time when you decide to go for a bun ensure you do enough to accessorize it with simple things available easily at home.

A Sunday brunch can carry a delicate floral crown tie wrapped around the crown of the head and then wrapped around the bun. This look not only gives you a fresh look but also gives you a very country feel.
If you have a very nice bold bracelet and you haven’t gotten a chance to flaunt yet, go and place it right at the very top. Yes, that’s right. Put it around a high bun and make a bold style statement.
Using a bow does give you a retro feel and so for any party themed retro don’t hesitate to pick a bow and place it on the bun. Each time you decide to bow the bun, try to make changes on the bow placement, making it look new. It can go on the side of the bun or under the bun. Bows are designed in colors and patterns and can be easily matched with the outfit.
If you don’t have a bow to go with, pick up a scarf and tie it around in cool knots and add spice to the bun.
If there is an evening cocktail party to attend you may want to add some glitter on your hair and give yourself a sparkling look.
A delicate neck piece can also be used as a classic accessory for the bun. You may tie it around the bun or you may choose to put it below the high bun on the hair. Use bobby pins to hide the loose ends of the neck piece and you are good to go.
Almost all of us have our favorite broche in the drawer. You can try to mix and match a couple of them and use them on the bun to get a traditional look. Or may be a bejeweled hair comb can help become a bun tiara.
You can also consider a hair piece to be worn as a choker around the bun. The choker can be any hair tie elastic with a designed piece in it. This helps when you have a casual evening out with best buddies. It is casual yet stylish.
Thus we say that when it comes to accessorizing the bun there are multiple ways you can use same accessories and give yourself a new look every day. You can use accessories that you already have at home or simple hop out to buy something new. Go ahead and get experimental.

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