Screen from the sun!

With the mercury levels going up we are all trying to find reasons to stay indoors and protect our skin from all the damage caused by the sun. Most of us resort to sunscreens without putting much thought to process. Some of us just buy any sunscreen which is available over the counter or go by the recommendation of the seller. But before you go sunscreen shopping for this season, there is a checklist that we want you to consider.

There are many options available such as creams, gels, lotions and milk all claiming to protect the skin from the sun. However what matters the most is the type of your skin, the suitable solar protection, which part of the body is going to be exposed and for how long.

Screen from the sun
First things first – Decide whether you need a sunscreen or a sun block. For those who did not know, yes there is a difference. As the name suggests, a sun screen will give your skin a screen against the sun. However, a sun block will block the sun rays completely. In general terms, a sunscreen is good to use on a routine basis. But if you are going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time then you must consider picking up a sun block.

Protection against UVA as well as UVB rays is a must. Any exposure to sun definitely causes serious and sometimes irreversible damage to the skin. UVA rays cause wrinkles while UVB rays cause more serious damage like sunburn. Protection from UVA rays is offered by most of the sunscreens but this time look for a product that offers protection from UVA as well as UVB rays.

What is a PA rating? It is the protection against UVA rays. This can be figured out by PA ratings mentioned on the label such as PA+ or PA*, PA++ OR PA**or PA+++ PA***. More the rating, higher is the protection provided.

What is the correct Solar Protection Factor (SPF) for me? This is the most common yet an unanswered question when it comes to choosing a sunscreen. All sunscreen labels mention the SPF rating. While it is true that higher the SPF better is the protection, one cannot be looking for a 100 SPF. The correct way to select the one that suits you is by knowing the activity you are indulging in and the type of the skin. If you are going trekking or spending a day at the beach, go for a 50+ and if it is an ordinary routine you may select any SPF from 15+ to 50+. It is also recommended that people with white skin tone must opt for a 50+ solution while those with light skin tone can opt for a protection ranging from 15+ to 50+.

What type of a sun screen will be my type? It is important that you know your skin type first. An oily skin will go well a gel based formula while a normal and dry skin should pick up a cream or lotion. Applying sunscreen is a must!

What are the right ingredients for a sunscreen? Have you ever wondered that while you are trying to stop the damage caused by the sun, the sunscreen you are using may itself have some ingredients that cause severe damage to your skin. Avoid harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, paraben and retinyl palmitate. Also avoid products that contain alcohol. Products with avobenzone, zinc oxide or titanium oxide are skin friendly and provide amazing sun protection.

Are sweat and water resistant formulas effective? There is nothing that is fully sweat or water resistant. However they can be effective for a certain period of time. So you must know if you are going to enjoy a long pool side day party under the sun or are you going to enjoy diving in the pool too. Accordingly choose the formula.

Is there an expiry date to every sunscreen? Just like all cosmetic products almost all sunscreens come with an expiry date. Sunscreens are designed to perform well at original strength only for a limited period. Thus it is important to use the product before the expiry date and discard them immediately once expired.

It is a good idea to even look for feedback from others. Speaking about the products which your friends and family use and learning from their experience can be a good way to find out how the product works. Alongside most of the products are rated by the users on the internet. A browse through them is also a great way to know the products.

We hope that we have been able to help you enjoy your summer fearless and stress free. For any more concerns that you may have simply walk in to the nearest Enrich salon and seek advice from our expert team.

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