Summer Cool Braids

You know that the summer has arrived when you don’t want to let your beautiful hair loose and tie them up. How much ever boring it may sound, you are left with no option but to braid your hair and most of us end up with the simple three stand braid.

What if we told you that this summer is going to get more stylish with the whole new range of braid styles that we have brought for you! Won’t that be just great! From across the world and fashion waves we have chosen some of the most trending braid styles just for you. In reality, braids are the coolest hair dos since they can be worn up, down and sideways. We bring to you few but some of the most popular summer braids.

French braid Despite so many braid styles that are now being adopted, French braid continues to be the most sought after style. The reason is obvious. A French braid goes well with any look – be a formal meeting or a summer pool party. A French braid can never go wrong.

two way Dutch braid
A two way Dutch braid is an uber cool style which looks complicated but is extremely easy and works very well with long and thick hair. It is in a way a reversed French braid. It is an apt style for the day time and if you have to slip into an evening party, simply roll the braid into a bun and get a new evening look.five strand braid

A look that is best sported with long non-layered hair for a cozy lunch with someone very special is the big side five strand braid. A style that may take a little longer for you to master the trick, is most easy if you braid it sideways, enabling you to see how you work on it in the mirror.

fishtail braid
The twisted fishtail braid is the new cute look. It not only gives you a young look but also instantly becomes the favorite look for everyone around. It also helps make your hair look thicker. This braid goes well with work, fun and workouts.

Messy Fishtail Braid
Messy side fishtail braid is very popular when it comes to getting a fresh morning look. When clubbed with a long floral flowing dress, it can instantly turn you into a bohemian beauty. This is certainly one of the casual looks that you must try right away.

Waterfall braid
Waterfall braid is known to give a very graceful and romantic look. It looks very good on long and medium length hair. The deep side parting of hair offers the cascading waterfall effect. This style leaves most of your hair open at the back while keeping them away from your face.

crown braid
The halo or crown braid is most preferred hairdo for a dance party or a prom night. This braid can have you tie up all your hair leaving no strand on the loose or you can also have a half up and half down braid where you can have the halo and let rest of the hair open. It is for you to pick your style.

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While you may be wondering which braid you wish to choose for today, we recommend that you walk in to the nearest Enrich salon and speak with one of our experts. Share with us your preferred style and the occasion and we will come up with some of the most beautiful summer braids for you.

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