It is that month of the year where we talk, walk, see, feel and hear colors. Yes you are so right! Holi is just around the corner. And we know despite all the fun, food and excitement there is one worry that is playing on your mind – How do you take care of your skin and still not lose out on the fun.
It indeed is a genuine concern considering the amount of chemicals and other harmful products that will be rubbed on your delicate skin. But trust us when we say that we can help you reduce the harmful effects to a great xtent. Just follow the following simple steps before you shout your lungs out – “HOLI HAI”.

Skin Care after Holi
While you are busy trying to sort the old clothes to look for what you want to wear, allow us to remind you that you must choose a dress that helps you cover most of your body, things like polo t shirts or dresses with full sleeves and trousers, leggings or denims. This will ensure less damageable area.
Apply generous amounts of cold cream, body oil, olive oil, baby oil or such products that will keep your skin greasy. This will restrict the colors from penetrating deep in your pores. Also use water based sun screens to avoid tanning. Use of lip balms to protect the sensitive skin on the lips is a great idea. Protect your nails by applying petroleum jelly.
You must prepare your skin for Holi much in advance by keeping in hydrated since all the rubbing and scrubbing may cause dryness of the skin. Hence drink lots of water and juices. Oil your hair well. Consider coconut oil. This will prevent the color from settling in your roots and also help them stay stronger at the time of hair wash.
If you have acne prone skin you may want to first visit your dermatologist to know the best treatment since your skin is more sensitive than the others.
The most difficult part of the day is when it is time to wash off the colors. Please understand that sometimes not all the color can be washed away. It is fine. Don’t panic and don’t be harsh with your skin. Remember that vigorously scrubbing your body will only cause more damage.
To begin with avoid hot water shower. Use cold or luke warm water. Use of kerosene, petrol and spirits is an absolute NO. It will only aggravate the damage to your skin. Use a soap or body wash that has a moisturizer. That will help avoid dehydration.
You can also mix some gram flour (Besan) with milk and use that paste to gently scrub your body. Lemon is also considered as a good option due to its natural bleaching properties. Gently scrub lemon slices on your body to help remove color. After the wash be kind to your skin and apply a good moisturizer. It will help your skin retain its natural oils.
With these simple and very easy things to do before you start digging the colors you can confidently step out and enjoy. Go ahead and paint the town red, pink, blue, green or any color for that matter. After all bura na maano Holi hai!

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