Matte Effect Fruit Cleansing Cleanup

Is the worry of approaching summer bothering you? We understand why it should. Summer brings oily skin which is prone to acne and at times that result in sleepless nights. Our face is the most exposed part of the body to a lot of damage caused by sun, dust and pollution. Thus your daily regime should consist of healthy food, good in-take of water every day and suitable facial clean up.

fruit Cleansing Cleanup
Enrich Salons bring for you an easy, relaxing solution – Matte effect fruit cleansing cleanup which leaves your facial skin feeling non-oily, hydrated and supple, giving you an even facial skin tone in just 35 – 40 minutes. This cleanup treatment is suitable for most of the skin types.
We start the cleanup by removing any traces of dust or make up by using the Enrich fruit cleanser followed by exfoliating the dead skin cells from the face and neck by using the Enrich fruit facial scrub. No cleanup will be complete without deep cleaning the pores by giving you a steam treatment and then cleaning the black and white heads.
By this time, your face is already starting to glow with radiance. We then give you a gentle facial massage using Enrich fruit facial gel or cream. We leave the treatment to do its magic by applying a fragrant mask made up of Enrich fruit pack and rose water. The mask dries in about 10-15 minutes which is then removed by giving you a soothing ice massage. The cleanup ends with application of cold compression and Enrich fruit facial cream.
A regular routine of this cleanup is strongly recommended for mostly all skin types and tones. However do feel free to visit the nearest Enrich Salon to get our expert advice for your skin type.

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