Popular winter facials

Winters are here and it is the perfect time to pull out all the colorful scarves, hats, stoles, jackets, gloves and boots. It is time to grab a chai at your favorite stall or a bite of the onion pakoras. Nothing seems to be better than the winter chill. But is it really such a good time for your skin? We would say yes it is because Enrich Salon has brought for you the most loving ways to pamper and take care of your skin.

We are all aware that the skin feels dry and sensitive in the winters and that moisturizers are a must in these few months. Moreover, you must keep yourself hydrated, well covered and apply sun screen even if the temperature is falling each day. However, besides these regular practices there are some facials that you must consider especially during winters. These help retain natural moisture and essential oils in the skin, keeping your skin glowing and hydrated all through the winter season.

Popular winter facials at enrich
This winter we present great relief from dry skin. Dry skin issues tend to aggravate during winters, making the skin look tired and dull. A well hydrated skin looks young, tight and supple which is exactly what our Hydramoist Advance facial for dry skin will do. The natural ingredients and serums in this treatment remove dry and dead skin cells and the massage will fight skin complaints.

The next most popular facial during winters is called Young Blush. As the name suggests, this treatment is especially recommended for skin that looks older than what it is, tired and damaged due to sun, dust and pollution. The daily wear and tear of the skin results in early signs of ageing, fine lines and de-coloration. To revive and rejuvenate your face, we strongly recommend Young Blush where the DNA milk and moor peels rehydrate your skin leaving it soft and supple.

The next facial that we recommend is apt for all skin types and is called Youthful Advance facial. The use of Vitamin C & A, Soya proteins, Chamomile extract along with face masks bring visible changes in your otherwise damaged skin. You can definitely choose this treatment if you notice fine lines on your face and feel you need a treatment to lighten your skin tone.

Each of the above treatments lasts for about 60 minutes. We assure that besides cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating your facial skin, these treatments will bring noticeable changes making you look and feel young, confident and radiant. So why wait, grab the opportunity to enjoy this winter with us!

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