Winter care for your nails

Winter definitely seems to be the best time to get cosy in the warm interiors of your home or to grab a coffee and your favourite book beside the fireplace or to simply cuddle up in your blanket and gossip all night long with your loved one. But does your skin feel the same? Do your nails enjoy the winters?Winter care for your nails
With the chill in the air during the winters, not only does the skin become dry and sensitive, the nails also find it difficult to go strong. With every drop in the temperature, the nails become more sensitive and brittle making them easy to chip and break. Studies reveal that hands and feet are the most ignored parts of our body. Taking care of your hands and feet doesn’t only include moisturizing. It is a lot more than that can keep them supple.
The best way to nourish your nails is to moisturize your hands and feet well. The exposed areas of hands and feet need extra care and attention. Simple things like drinking enough water, keeping a good moisturizer handy and applying it regularly makes a lot of difference. It helps retain natural oils in the skin. While applying creams and oils make sure to rub some on the cuticles and nails to keep them hydrated. Make this a daily practice.
Your nails need to breathe. So take long breaks from nail paints. The chemicals in the nail paints and removers cause dryness in the nails. Applying nail paint too frequently may result in de-coloration of your nails making them look dull and unclean. Include proteins in your diet as it nourishes your nails too. Avoiding warm or hot water to wash hands and feet is also advisable since it steals the essential natural oils. Similarly, avoid long hot water baths.
It is very important to keep your feet happy since they work hard all day long. Before going to bed make sure you wash your feet and dry them up properly. To retail natural oils and moisture, apply a moisturizer or oil generously and cover them up with a pair of socks. Similarly, if you are exposed to snow or extreme wind chill it is a good idea to wear mittens or gloves and protect your hands.
At Enrich Salons, we have a great range of skin care products that are available like soothing moisturizers, natural oils, organic body butters and soaps made especially for hands and feet and we make sure you get the right one since every skin type is different and needs unique care and attention. There are manicures and pedicures that not only nourish your skin but also take care of your nails and washes off the dry dead skin cells. Feel free to walk in to the nearest Salon and ask for our Absolute moisturizing treatment for your hands and feet.

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