If ‘I love me’ is your New Year Resolution, here’s your chance to prove it, to yourself!

The New Year has just started and with it we’ve brought you a lovely opportunity to indulge. We’ve got a set of service packages for you to choose from, each with a bonus, something extra! And there are lots of choices for you to make to ensure that you’re thoroughly pampered.App-home-1920x-1666

So what are your choices? Choose between four service packages of varying prices from Rs 4000, Rs 8000, Rs 12000 and going up to Rs 16000. The awesome part is that you can get additional value, between 25% and going up to 60% of the package. Which depends upon whether you want this bonus value in services or in aftercare home products that you regularly buy to maintain the results of your salon services. For additional convenience each package has validity of 30 days and going up to 60 days, so you have all the time to avail your beauty services

So how do you choose? If you’re new to the Enrich Experience gift yourself the first package, if you’re a regular treat yourself to an even higher package. There’s also one where you and your significant other can have yourselves some nice beauty treatments. And yes, with the wedding season that’s just started, we’ve also got a package where you and your family members can be at your dazzling best, be it at a family event or a wedding!

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So call 1860 266 3000 or click on the Enrich Mobile App or get on to our webstore and buy a package today. This offer is available from14th Jan for just a few days!

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