Winter ready nails

We all know the perfect regime for the winters to keep our skin and hair protected. But do we know enough to keep our nails happy during the winters? Not many care for the nails. They need equal attention too. Everything you do may cause a lot of damage to the nails – be it applying nail paint to using nail paint removers to hand sanitizers to washing dishes to hot showers to just about everything you do. It makes them brittle and chip of.

Winter ready nails

Moisturize your nails well especially after shower. Make sure you apply moisturizer on the nails and cuticles even if you are wearing nail paint. Moisturizers with urea, phospholipids or lactic acid help a great deal. Keep the moisturizer handy so that it becomes convenient to apply and reapply as many times as required.

Did you know that moisturizers may also cause dryness but the ones that are scented. Instead try to get the ones that are non-scented. Thus pick up the right one. You ca also protect your cuticles by applying lip balm on them and thus prevent them from chipping.

When you are exposed to dry cold winds, wear gloves that help retain the moisture in your nails. You may also have to watch out the number of times you use the nail polish remover especially if it contains acetone. This could cause dryness in your nails.Avoid using it more than once in a week.
Biting or peeling your nails and picking your cuticles is an absolute NO. Keeping your body hydrated in winters is as important as keeping it hydrated in winters too. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will replenish the lost moisture in your body.

Do you know that your nails need to breathe too. Every now and then leave them unpainted. The chemicals in the nail paint can make your nails weak and thus easily breakable. Along with keeping your nails clean, try to keep your nails short. Keeping them slightly rounded will also help prevent frequent breakage as well as make them look good and neat.

Wet nails are more prone to breaking. Thus avoid filing your nails when they are wet. Also while filing be sure to file in one direction only. Filing from both directions can make them break and chip often. Damage caused by household chores like chemicals in detergents and soaps can be avoided by use of gloves. Preferably use rubber gloves while attending to these chores.

A well balanced diet does help your mind, body and soul. It does just the same for the nails. Make sure you have an intake of protein in meat, lentils, beans, eggs and Vitamin B – biotin from egg yolks, salmon, avocado and pork.

Winters are not that difficult times if you watch out the above. Make a conscious effort to keep your nails happy and strong. You may also visit us at the nearest Enrich Salon and we can guide to a more robust and healthy regime.

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