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It indeed is true that a little stroke of the eye liner sets you ready for any event. It not only adds glamor to your look but also makes you look and feel more confident. But how about knowing a little more than just a little stroke! Eye liner styles are very popular these days. Some are classy, some funky and some retro.

Whether you pick a pencil, a gel or a liquid liner, it is a must have in your make up kit today. While we put down a comprehensive list of most sought after eye liner trends for you, please feel free to pick up the ones you feel comfortable with.

Winged tip

Winged tip: This one is not just the most popular style around the globe today but is also a little high on the glam quotient. You may start with preparing a base. So, on the upper lid with a pencil draw a thin line as close as possible to lash line. This can be a rough line. Start from the inner corner of the eye working outwards. Decide how long you want the wing to go. From the lower lash line draw a diagonal line up towards that point. Roughly from the center of the upper lash line draw a line going up towards the tip of the wing. Make sure the eye lid is flat and taut. You may now fill in the winged outline. Keep the eye closed and check your work from the eye you are not working on. Do not leave any spaces unfilled and so make sure you fill as close as possible to the lash line. The wing should be thinner towards the inner corners making it look as though the wing is getting broader while going towards the outer corner.

For those finding it difficult to make the wing, a small piece of clear tape comes handy. Cut a small piece of tape and place it diagonally from the corner of your eye toward the end of your eyebrow. The tape must be pressed well against the skin so that when you apply the liner it won’t smudge through it. Start from the end of the lash line and draw a wing line along the edge of the tape. Carefully remove the tape once you are done. If you are using a liquid liner, wait until it has dried. Using a liquid liner over a pencil gives a bolder and darker look and enhances the effect of the wing. Clean any uneven edges or mistakes. Q tips are very useful while fixing mistakes.

White liner: This is a new trend setter today since it is most helpful to give your eyes a wider look. Using a white liner in the lower lash line helps give the eyes a well-rested look too. It adds drama to your eyes. So if you don’t have a white liner yet, go gran one right away.

Straight arrow liner: This style gives the eyes a longer look. Create an outline to the eye and extend just a little longer after the lash line. Connect this tip towards the inner side of the eye. Fill in the spaces and make your eyes look fuller. This style goes very well with ethnic dresses.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes: Smokey eyes complete the evening look. This is an ultra-glamorous way of getting sophisticated drama to your look. Smokey eyes can be worked with any color. But the classic Smokey eye is created with black or gray, but bronze and brown are also commonly used. You should choose three shades of each color: a light creamy color, a medium base color, and a dark smoky color. Use a cream shadow or liquid liner for a very smooth finish while using a pencil may give a softer blended look. Use fresh and clean brushes.
For preparation of the base get a concealer and eye shadow primer applied. Conceal any dark spots or blemishes with the concealer and the apply powder foundation to set it.

Add a little highlighter on the brow bone and the inner corners of the upper and lower lash line. The second application is the middle eye shadow. Blend it also with the highlighter applied on the inner corners. Blend it well. Then take the darkest shade and start applying from the outer corners working inwards. Begin at the outside corner of your eyes, and sweep in a ‘C’ shape from the about halfway inwards. Leave inside ⅓-½ of your eyelid to not have any dark shadow. This will help your eyes to look open and bright. Apply a thin stroke of this dark shadow along the lower lash line, starting from outwards to just about half way inside.

With a cleaneye shadow brush start gently blending the colors. Start working in the inner corners, in small C shape movements. Make sure there are no dark crease lines. Blend the dark crease shadow outwards towards your brow bone. It should fade softly into your skin. DO not overlap with the highlighter.

Add the eye liner. Use a chunky eyeliner pencil to draw a thick line across your upper lash line only. You may decide the length of the liner depending on how much volume you wish to give to your eyes. Then, use your makeup brush or fingertip to blur the edges upwards. Tightline the eyes by filling the inner rims of the upper lash line. This adds more depth to the eyes. If you wish to apply the same to the lower lash line, do so only until half way. Add mascara to give a finished bold look.You may feel that excess shadow color or mascara has spilled into the face. Use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to erase the mistake and then apply a touch up on those areas to give it a complete look.

Glitter line

Glitter line: This is used to transform your office look to a disc look. It instantly jazzes up the eyes. Pick up any glitter that you want for the evening and apply it as a liner over the upper lash line and you are ready to rock the floor. Quick tip – Do not blend it with flashy jewelry.

Colored liner: If you wish to add some color in your day, ditch the black and simply opt for a colored liner. There are plenty of colors available like blue, brown, grey, purple, plum and so on. Use them as regular liner on the upper lash line.

Cat eyes: This is a look of the celebrities these days. You may start from the inner corner of the eyes. Make it thicker and bolder to the outside and fill it in the ends. To add glamor, instead of filling the outer corners with black liner, simply add some glitter or a metallic shade to create the flick.

Black and white: Start by applying concealer and the powder to the eye lids. Draw a thick line using a dark black pencil. It is fine if the lines don’t seem regular since once the lines are done you are required to blend it with black eye shadow on the entire upper lid until the crease. Give your eyes a sharp look by using a pencil brush and creating a V shape. At the inner corners use the silver color to define them. On the lower line use a brown pencil since it gives a softer look. Use a mascara to get voluminous eyes.

Smudged eyeliner: This is used to get a highlight for the eyes. Apply it on both upper as well as lower lash line, making the lines thinner while going towards the inner corners. With a pencil brush smudge the liner to get a softer look.

Fish tail liner

Fish tail liner: This is the latest trend and is gaining popularity among women of all ages. You can draw a fishtail with either a black liner or any colored liner you wish. Decide the thickness of the liner. The thicker the line, the bolder the look, whereas thinner lines is a great way to use this look subtly. A fishtail starts with a cat eye with almost a mirror image on the lower line. You can play with the size of the flick at the bottom and the top depending on the kind of look you wish for the eyes.
So next time you are hopping out of the house, pick your style. To get these flattering lines perfect will take some practice. So please don’t be disheartened and keep the strokes going.

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