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It is the band, baja, baraat time of the year, time for treats and sweets, time for getting dressed and dancing all night and for shopping. But aren’t all of you beautiful brides worried about what hair do to choose? We are right here to put your worries to an end. We present to you some of the trendiest hair styles for this winter shaadi season.

the classic Indian braid

One of the most popular and widely chosen style is the classic Indian braid. Pull back all your hair in a braid and add some color and fragrance with a beautiful gajra. You may also decide to place a mangal teeka on your forehead. This hair style is in trend since years now and we bet it will never go out of fashion. The biggest highlight of this classic braid is that it suits all and fits in any of the wedding functions. So we recommend that you settle for it in at least one of those functions. Whether you want to cover your head with the veil or keep it uncovered, can be totally your call. Nothing can ever go wrong with this.

You can add some glamour to the simple bun style by simply getting a studded tiara on your head. You may jazz up a simple bun by going for a puff at the crown and pull back rest of the hair in a bun. Place a stylish tiara just before the puff and see eyes turning at you. The tiara look is very apt for ring ceremonies or wedding receptions.

neck piece in place of the maang teeka

For events like the cocktail parties or sangeet ceremonies you can take the liberty to stand out from the crowd and experiment with the accessories, such as wear a big pendant neck piece in place of the maang teeka. While you choose to do this, keep the eyes colored in bold kohl and rest of the look can be simple. This will accentuate your eyes while keeping the whole attention on the head accessory. This is an unconventional way of getting prepared for the actual D – Day.

For the gorgeous yet a traditional look, choose to go up and down with your curls. You can get some loose bouncy curls. Pin up the front half of the hair in a small puff at the back of your head. Let the rest of your curls fall open. To add more style place all your open hair on one side of the shoulder, you are free to decide which side goes best with your face and costume.

Have short hair and don’t want to use artificial extensions? No problem at all. Go for accessorizing your cropped hair. Use small accessories that go with the length of your hair, with your costume and with the mood for the event.


Almost every Indian bride loves the buns and why not? There are so many bun styles that can be taken for the wedding look. You can settle for a French roll or a simple bun behind a volumed up puff. The puff not only makes the look glamorized but also gives you a good height. Use of accessories will complete the whole look beautifully.

For a grand south Indian wedding, a South Indian braid with decorations all over it and a gajra at the base of the braid is the best look one can get. Put together by the south Indian saree, it will definitely add more delicate beauty to your face.
Above, we have covered some of the most sought after traditional looks for the wedding season. How about adding some international glamour quotient to your event now?

Let us consider small pinned up curls for short hair. Using a barrel curler, pin up your hair in short curls. You may choose to wear a small single piece of accessory at the side of your head and you are ready to attend the engagement ceremony or your wedding reception.
For some of your side functions, you can get the elegant look by combining puff with a braid. Get volume by putting the front of your hair in a puff and pull them back in a braid. This look gives sort of a calm and elegance to the face.

If you want to try something new but still simple for your short hair, consider getting messy strokes for your hair and place a ring of flowers around it or a simple head accessory that will give you a pop star look.

elegant chignon

For a very stylish chic look you can never say NO to the elegant chignon. This loosely tide side bun is the first choice for a cocktail or a bachelorette party. Take the hair to one side of your head, where you wish to get the bun. Twist and turn your hair in a loose side bun. You may pin it up and add some hair spray to keep it on for longer hours. Put it together with long ear rings and bare neck to draw all the attention of your beautiful face.
If you are a person who strongly believes that less is more when it comes to styling, then you are the one to go ahead with the wavy flows. Get some loose long waves using a curler. Then either decide to puff your hair at the crown and give the crown volume and height or simple out a half bun at the crown. Leave half your hair at the back open and flowing down your shoulder.

For a quick but still classy look, simply pull your hair back and tie them in a low bun. Add heavy accessories to decorate the bun and get going. This style will also help put all the hair away from your face and you could go enjoying the party without any mess around your face.

If you want a simple yet traditional look, you may want to only add the maang teeka with your long ironed hair. This look will go very well with almost nude lips and heavily colored bold eyes. This look comfortably fits into any traditional ceremony.

The Half up and half down look calls for the hair to be curled in long waves. Simple take a small section of hair and tie them up. You may decide to either add volume by getting a puff done or simple pin them up behind the head. Let the rest of the hair open. This is a simple but classy way to get tradition and glamour together.

Messy hairstyle with half up and half down goes best on hair with medium length. You may curl the lower sections of your hair in messy curls. Back comb a section of your hair at the crown to give volume and height. Pin up this section to look like a high puff. Around the puff you can tie a head piece or go for a big bold maang teeka. Leave the rest of the hair open.
The last look for the event is a curly messy hair style for short hair. Get long wavy curls to your hair. Pull them all up behind the head and tie them up with messy look at the crown. You can get a delicate stone studded head piece around the hair to add glamour to give a finishing touch to your simple look.

With this we conclude the wedding hair style for this season. If you need more expert advice on the look for your wedding, why wait. Simple walk in to the nearest Enrich Salon and leave the rest to us!.

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