Right facial for your skin type

Have you ever wondered why do your skin care experts suggest regular facials? There are several reasons for this and some of the most important ones are to relieve tension and increase circulation which helps you get a fresh and younger looking skin. However to derive the best from these facials it is important to understand your skin type and then choose a facial treatment.

Right facial for your skin type

It may not be very difficult to analyze your skin type. If you have an oily T zone – your forehead, nose, and chinbutyour temples, eye area and cheeks feel dry then you have a combination skin type. If your face feels and looks moist and oily most of the day then you definitely have oily skin. You have dry skin type if your skin often feels rough, tight and dry. Lastly, if you don’t feel many changes in your skin type during the entire day, your face feels radiant and reflects light, you have normal skin type.Having figured out your skin type, the next step is to pick up the best facial for you.
For dry skin type, pick up something that will hydrate your skin. With the use of suitable creams, serums and moisturizing masks the skin will feel nourished. Since your skin is dry already, stay away from harsh scrubs. Be gentle to your skin. Oxygen and fruit facials will give best results for your skin type.

An oily skin needs deep cleansing facial treatment that works just fine with the sensitive areas of the skin. Your skin and the pores feel clean and fresh due to various cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction and peeling treatments that are given to wash out excessive oils from the skin. By the end of this facial you will be left with fresh glowing skin.

If you have damage on the skin due to exposure to the sun and dust, then opt for an antioxidant facial. This will help you retain the glow of your skin despite the tiredness of the entire day. Besides fighting sun damage these facials are helpful due to their anti-inflammatory properties which also act as skin firming agents by reducing appearance of wrinkles.

If your skin is suffering due to wear and tear of the busy schedules, pigmentation and dullness then go for a skin brightening facial. This facial brightens the complexion, detoxifies and lightens pigmentation spots, for all skin types. It uses creams rich in vitamins and moisturizers that keep the skin soft and supple.

In the hustle of the daily schedules often result in early signs of ageing, wrinkles start appearing on the face and neck. You need anti-aging facials that will make your skin feel full and taut. This magical effect is given by the collagen based products and anti-aging products. These facials maximize exfoliation of dead skin cells, minimize appearance of fine lines and quicken the improvement in skin texture, tone and appearance.
If your skin feels sore and red due to breakouts and if you have excessive acne marks on the face then you definitely need to see your beauty expert for an anti-acne facial. The irritated skin will be pampered with cleansers, salicylic acids, clay masks and lactic acid peel. Following this regime will soon relieve you of the breakouts making the skin look young and fresh.

It is very common these days to feel the stress of the day and night. It is getting difficult to cope up with the moving times. Thus, not just the body needs to detox, the skin needs it as much. Pollutants, dirt, sun, chemicals in soap and make up, everything just seems to be wearing the skin down. Detoxing facials can show wonders on the skin due to the exfoliation and use of purifying oils and gentle peels. So make sure you get these at least once a month.

Alternatively, you may simply walk into the nearest Enrich salon and leave the rest to us. Our experts will study your skin type and suggest the most suited facial for you. While the facial helps you relax your mind, body and soul, your skin will get rejuvenated almost instantly.

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