Healthy Hair Talk

Hair issues are very common these days. There are several issues that we all face but are unaware about the reasons. It is important to understand the causes so that we can ensure healthy hair for everyone.

Healthy Hair talk
Hair fall:For a woman there is nothing more disheartening than having to face hair fall everyday. Whether it is her comb or the shower drain or the pillow with loose strands of hair, everything suddenly becomes hostile if she is suffering from hair fall. Most of the women start facing hair fall from the age of 25 onwards and 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40.
The major reason for hair fall is lack of iron in the body. Iron rich food like beans, red meat, green leafy vegetables etc. will definitely help in easing the concern while helping the body get required iron. Intake of multivitamins is also recommended.
Itchy scalp:The scalp has its own way to nourish our hair. It produces natural oil that nourishes and conditions the hair. If the scalp stops producing this oil, the scalp tends to become dry and thus result in itchy scalp. The reason for the scalp to not produce natural oil is lack of beta carotene. This can be tackled by eating pumpkins, carrots, spinach, orange.
Dandruff: Excessive oily scalp results in dandruff in the hair which is caused by yeast overgrowth in hair. Rely on very good anti dandruff hair products and avoid over moisturizing your hair and take vitamin B6 which is found in liver and egg yolk.
Loss of natural hair color: Excessive exposure to sun can bring dryness to the hair and loss of their natural color. Hair products rich in SPF should be used to protect hair from damage from the sun. Also eating foods rich in Vitamin E should be enhanced. Things like almonds, spinach, pine nuts, avocado, papaya, wheat etc. must be made a part of the daily diet.
Greying of hair: Ageing is no more the only reason for greying of hair. Other reasons like lack of Vitamin C and E, zinc and copper can also cause this concern. These help in the metabolism involved in giving hair its natural color and hence their intake should be ensured. The issue can be genetic or even related excessive stress and tension.
Thinning of hair: The main component of hair is protein. Lack of protein can cause hair to be dry, weak and thin. A diet rich in proteins like meat, milk, cheese, pulses etc. are highly recommended.
Reduced or no hair growth: On an average hair should grow at the rate of 0.5 inch per month. But if your hair is not showing signs of healthy hair growth then the main concern is lack of protein, biotin and omega-3. By adding red meat, egg, almonds, avocados etc. or vitamins like Vitamin- B complex, Omega-3 in the daily diet will surely be helpful.
Split ends: Having split ends make the hair look dry, dull and lifeless. This can be controlled by very less efforts. All you need to do is comb your hair gently esp. when they are wet with a wide tooth comb. A good intake of proteins in the diet will help give strength to the dry and dull hair.

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