Dazzling hair

Secret to a quick and easy hair style is now revealed! Whether it is about adding volume to flat hair or taming your hair to get a sleek straight look, blow drying is the answer. However, blow drying, against common perception, is not a child’s play.blow dry Dazzling hair
First things first. Excess moisture must be dealt with by towel drying your hair. Never let the moisture be drained completely off your hair. This can cause dryness and make hair frizzy. Second most important thing, tempreture control. Excessive heat can cause hair to be brittle. Choosing right hair brush may seem very trivial but it in fact plays a crucial role. The hair brush must match the length, density and texture of hair at all times. Once all the sections of hair are done, combining them to give a blended look is like giving a final touch up.

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For each of the above, great care is required and the same must be done under expert care and while we are here, why would you worry! With our experts at the nearest Enrich Salon, a bunch of hair styles await you while you just sit under the nozzle of our blow dryer.

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