A beautiful mirror to your mind

Face is your mirror to the mind and don’t we all want to have a spotless sparkling mirror? We present to you a quick and fun way to pamper your facial skin, one of the most preferred options to experience tight and toned facial skin – Face masks.

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In the mad rush of life, we often tend to overlook the importance of taking very good care of our face. Let us remind you that only skin care products are not enough. What we all definitely need is to add application of a suitable face mask at least once a week. This routine will help you moisturize and hydrate the skin in right proportions. A few other benefits include deep cleansing, unclogging pores, getting a glow on the face. In short it helps the overall regime of face care.

Face masks for glowing skin

At Enrich Salons, we have four face masks available for different skin types and we offer them as express services, where all it takes is 30 minutes to get your perfect face. You may simply hop in or squeeze your time off during lunch hours and decide to pick your face mask for the day.

If you wish to settle for detoxifying your skin then choose the Black Mask which is very high in minerals, helps to kill blemish causing bacteria and leaves behind a healthy and beautiful skin. For the dry skin, we have Collagen Mask that helps reduce dryness, age spots, improves skin tone and enhances reversal of sun damage.
For a sensitive skin type, we offer the Sensitive Powder Mask that contains Marine Algae which is ideal for this skin type. It leaves behind a cooling and refreshing effect. For a nourishment deprived skin, we present the Protein Mask which is rich with Vitamin C and gives lightening, brightening and tightening effect on the face, making you look fresher and younger.

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What are you waiting for? All you need is 30 minutes from your rush day and we assure that you will leave feeling totally satisfied and rejuvenated.

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