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The magic to recreate your hair is here. Our all new hair extensions are here – A perfect way to adorn beach waves or get more length or simply pump some volume to your hair. These are not just safe but with our expert team, they give seamless results.

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Some of the popular  methods we have are:
Clip in hair extension is the easiest type to get longer and fuller hair. It is just a temporary extension and is available with us in a wide range of color, length and hair type.
Weave hair extension is a type of style where natural hair is braided and then with the help of a needle extensions are sewed in the braid. This type of extension excludes use of any adhesives or glues.
Pre bonded hair extension is one of the longer lasting extensions and is easy to maintain. This involves bonding of hair using adhesives. The bonds are hen treated to merge them with your natural hair giving them a seamless look. Utmost care needs to be taken here since only expert hands can give you the desired look else can cause damage to your hair.
Tape hair extension is easy to apply semi permanent extension. The weft are taped and then stuck to the natural hair and the length is enhanced beautifully.
Micro link Extension is preferred for the most natural looking hair extensions. These Micro links attach easily to the hair and are also easy to be removed. This is the only hair extension that doesn’t require the use heat, adhesives or chemicals.

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So now you only need to book your appointment at the nearest Enrich Salon to get instant length and more volume for a complete celebrity like look.

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