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Does hairstyling for men take a lot of thinking, effort and time? We say No; it is not true, ‘coz we bring to you the most happening and fastest trending hairstyles for men.

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The angular fringe continues to be highest in demand since almost two years. A hairstyle with tapered sides and long angles at the top, suits all face shapes. It is popular for the very stylish model type look.
Disconnected undercut is for that bold look that makes you stand out in the crowd with ease in styling. The hair goes from being long on the top of the head to the hair being clipped below, called the disconnection. There are umpteen possibilities of styling with this haircut since there is so much to experiment with the disconnections.

Disconnected undercut
Caesar Haircut is most known for the ease it takes to maintain this look. This haircut gives you a hard and solid look which can be spiked with little styling gel in just about no time and it stays that way the entire day.
Simple casual is a clean cut look with casual side part. All it needs is a bit of styling gel and a quick brush for you to get set and go.
Brushed up is well known since it fits appropriately in any occasion and style. The hair at the sides and back of the head are smaller than the top, where hair is lifted vertically. The lifting up of the hair is done carelessly in more of a messy manner. A small dab of gel and a brush with your fingers ensures that your mane stands up the way you want.
Side Part Pompadour is the famous vintage look. There are various styles that can be adopted depending on the length of hair you wish – a classic or a lazy or a side part pompadour, it has lots to offer.
Short Back and Sides is a ready to rock and roll look with hair really short at the back and on the sides with long layers on the top, gradually tapering to a tip at the front.
Side part is a hairstyle that will never let you down. It looks best on medium to short hair where you sweep your hair either to left or right as may be best preferred. It is a neat look where you can never go wrong.

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Simple short is the perfect hairstyle for the busy man who has no or very little time, being low on maintenance. Hair at the top is slightly longer than the side and back. It can be easily made to look spiked or messy with little styling gel.
Slicked back is one of the most long lasting men’s hairstyles with a mix of several others like pompadour or simple short. It surely adds to the list of low on maintenance hairstyles.
Choose your favorite look and simply step in at the nearest Enrich Salon and leave the rest to us.

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