Your hair, we care.

With rain comes fresh cold breeze, relief from the scorching heat, the blissful showers, a plate full of bhajias and a cup steaming with garam chai. But is that all? Is it this time of the year when hell breaks loose every morning when you face the mirror?

Your hair, we care.

At Enrich Salons, we understand that with rain also comes dirty rainwater and increased levels of humidity that have an adverse impact on your hair and scalp. Hair problems become worse during the monsoon. But don’t curse this wonderful season. Very simple routine at home can save you from a lot of worry and will leave you with beautiful smooth silky hair every single day.

Due to a highly humid weather we tend to sweat which makes our hair greasy. Thus it is very important to wash your scalp properly and frequently. Know your shampoo well. Use a mild shampoo that can add volume to your limp hair. Don’t forget to use a conditioner to avoid making your hair feel coarse, dry and frizzy. Keep your hair dry because wet hair a more breakable. It is also advisable that you go easy with hair styling products. Most importantly, watch your diet. Increase the intake of proteins in your diet to make them stronger.

Hair Treatment

Besides hair care, hair styling is another aspect of monsoon. We have for you some of the most stunning looks for the season. We keep in mind the need for a comfortable hairdo which is also in line with the contemporary trends. Be it a stylish high pony tail at work or a trendy side pony tail or a bun to a party we have it all waiting for you. If you want to get more adventurous try a soft bob which is absolutely maintenance free for a wet season like this.

Walk in at the nearest Enrich Salon to speak with our stylists and get the perfect look for yourself and step out absolutely trouble free.

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