Because it’s never too late to do the right thing

It was closing time at our salon Vashi Hypercity salon. Most technicians had left for the day. A lady walked in with her physically challenged daughter on a wheel chair. She wanted a haircut for her daughter. Salon Manager Afzal knew that it would be difficult for her to bring her daughter again. He explained the situation to Hair Stylist Danish who was about to call it a day. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Danish agreed to do the hair cut. But due to her condition, she couldn’t sit steady which made it difficult for Danish to manage and cut her hair. But despite of all this Danish did his job perfectly while Sr. Salon Executive Mamta kept the girl engaged with i-pad. She also gave her a chocolate bar. Her mother was very much pleased, she thanked the team for their sincere efforts.

Author: enrichsalon

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