This is how we put a good end to your bad hair day!

Our client, Nasima Kaskar visited Malad Hypercity Salon on 24th April, 2015 at 8:30pm.
Apparently, she was having a bad hair day. She was looking for a treatment which could help make her hair look good. She had an important meeting next day.
Hair Stylist Shanu suggested her to do the Cysteine treatment which normally takes about 3 hours. It was already 8:45pm in the clock. The salon was about to call it a day. Shanu was also about to finish his working hours. But despite of this, he considered the client’s urgency and started her service at 8:45 pm.
It made her day thinking that it would also make her next day better. She was extremely happy. She thanked the Salon Management Team, Stylist Shanu and Support staff Anant for arranging cold drinks and getting her bag from the baggage counter.

Author: enrichsalon

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