A colorful summer for you…

Are you thinking of going lighter or darker with your hair for the sunny months? Don’t reach for the dye without checking the hottest hair hues of the season that we have for you.

Hair Color

We live in the new world of color. It is as much a fun to choose a funky color for a wild mood like Blue, pink or purple, as it is to explore the world of subtle highlights, glowing low lights or delicate frosting.

A colorful summer for you…

This Summer season we have a palette full of colors to get you a ravishing look. Getting highlights and low lights for summer can be one the hottest looks this year. You can go even bolder by adding ribbons of blonde highlights to your hair. We have colors for very hair type. Depending on your Skin tone we offer suitable shades. Let’s steal a look in what we have for you.

If you have a light skin tone – all shades of blonde go well. Want to go more lighter with the blonde look, go for platinum blonde. Or simply choose the sun kissed beach inspired sunny tone.

Want to get adventurous in your teens, try the Pastel colors which are very popular today – The most picked up shade is pastel pink.

Hair Color

For the office goers, we have the new Rootie look – get a darker shade at the roots. It gives a denser look to your hair. The Hazelnut effect also gives a very sober look.

Grab a designer and a dark coffee shade to your hair. A fun way to brighten up a look for summer without too much change is to simply add lighter pieces just by the face. Wear the beauty of a summer sunset on your hair with a gorgeous shade of copper. This neutral red (NUTMEG) is perfect for those who would like just a pinch of red in their hair this season.

Yet another trending look is the Ombre look with solid dark color on top to a solid lighter color on the bottom. If you would like to stay dark this summer but not go too dark, try an espresso color base with barely-there mocha highlights.

Get ready to turn heads this summer by having the sun bounce off with a shiny shade of bangs. You name it, we at Enrich Salons have it. Come and meet our experts, take your consultation and paint the town red.

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