At Enrich, it’s always about a little more – rejuvenation for your body and some green tea for your mind.

It was 7:45PM in Indira Nagar Salon, Bangalore. Swati, a client walked in for a cysteine treatment. Salon manager welcomed her and politely informed her that she will have to wait for her turn. Meanwhile, the housekeeping and other staff called it a day at 9:00PM. Apparently, the client would have to wait in the salon till 10:45PM. But what Nagarjuna, the attending hairstylist, did next will surprise you. He served her a nice hot cup of ginger tea that would take away all her weariness. After taking the last sip of the tea, Swati said, “It was the best tea I’ve ever had”. This is what we call a delight!

Author: enrichsalon

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