If you have to cry, do so in winter!

It’s ultraviolet rays time!
It always is, but during winter it hits our eyes harder.

Yes it is worse to those surrounded by snow, but it cause enough damage to others too.
It can cause cataracts and photo keratitis, which is like having sunburn on your eye ball!

winter eye care tips

Another thing to consider is the sudden dryness of the weather.
This leads to less moisture inside the eyes and the tear glands just cannot keep up.
This leads to itchy dry eyes that hurt, cause blurring of vision, make you feel like your eyes are burning, or watery vision as the eyes try to extra compensate.

But don’t worry.
Keep your eyes peeled while you read what Enrich Salons says about how to tackle all this and more.

Wrap around sunglasses at any time is a good idea so the rays can’t sneak in through the corners.
If you are into winter sports protective sport goggles with polycarbonate lenses fitted to your eyes are a must.

Did you know that warming your feet is like applying a hair dryer to your eye ball?
Make use of this knowledge when in a cold car.
Turn the heat on so it heats your feet.
Also if you turn on the face blast, it will actually dry out your eyes more.
No you do not want that.

Apart from ultraviolet rays and dryness there are other problems. Here are a few tips on how to tackle them:

Get a comprehensive and annual eye examination done during winter.

Do not share make up, as viruses like pink eye are very common and spread fast.
This rule applies throughout the year, with a special emphasis in winter.

Contact lens users use drops more often than usual.

To keep your eyes hydrated here are a few tips:

  • Use eye drops.
  • Have a lot of soup since in winter you do not feel like drinking so much water.
  • Eat fish.The Omega 3 acids decrease eye inflammation.
  • If you don’t like fish, take a fish oil supplement.
    This will also increase the productivity of your tear glands to the required level.

Lastly, use eye make up from good brands only as your eyes are specially susceptible this time of the year.

Author: enrichsalon

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