Hair is not snow. Stop it from falling in winter.

Hair fall is more common than you think, and you tend to infer that you are the only sufferer.
Every one’s hair falls at all times, and while at times it is a natural phenomenon, at times the cause needs to be looked into.
Whatever be the cause, hair tends to fall more in winter.

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Enrich Salons tells us why, and how to tackle it best.

The different causes of hair fall may be stress, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of hygiene, to name a few.

Stress takes its toll on all of us in this day and age in every which way. Hair fall is one of the results of this.

Unhealthy lifestyles lead to a lot of side effects, one of them being hair fall. If you do not eat the right things, do not exercise, smoke or drink alcohol, you can literally clumps of your hair fall off every time you brush or shampoo.

hair fall in winter

Lack of regular healthy hair cleaning and nourishing also causes hair fall.

So what do you do about it, specially this winter?
Read on.

Keep dandruff away.
Dandruff is a common issue if your scalp is dry, Use anti-dandruff cleansers

Keep you hair tied loosely.
Tight hairstyles tend to put a strain on your hair that is any way not too elastic at this time of the year.
Do this even when going to bed.

While combing, do it gently.
Do not do it more often than needed.

Eat well.
Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals, like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.
Stay away from fatty food, sugar and processed food.

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Here are a few home treatments to help you along through the winter:

A hot oil treatment adds nourishment to your hair like no other.
To do this, warm a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil, and apply it well into the scalp and hair strands.
Leave it on for one or two hours.
Do it at least once a week and repeat every week.

So do not lose any more hair over hair fall.
Give your hair a great winter.

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