As wavy as the sea, as calm as its depths

Born with wavy hair?

While some would say you were lucky, you might not feel so when every morning you try to style it.

Enrich Salons says the two most important things to remember are:

Use the right shampooHome care, and stay away from hot styling tools.

And then there is more that will make your morning routine simpler and your hair more manageable.

Tips for Wavy Hair

After finding the right shampoo that suits your hair, you don’t really need to use it every day.

Use it only when your hair starts getting greasy.

Shampoo right down to the roots, and then follow it up with a volumising conditioner.

After you have washed your hair, brush it out.

Avoid brushing your curls when they are dry.

Moisture is good for wavy hair.

Which is whyLeave in products are very importanthot styling tools are a big no no.

Throw your blow drier away.

Air dry your hair is a good option even though it will take longer to dry, because it will also give your hair the time to absorb the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and voluminous.

A misting or nourishing treatment is just what your kind of hair needs.

If you have fine hair, use them from the mid section down to the tips.

If you have thick hair, use them from the roots till the ends.

Use Apropriate  products as per hair types.

Gently scrunch your hair with your hands while spraying,with Styling Product

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