Thirteen plus one tips to womanhood

You are a home maker.

You are a wife.

You are a mother.

You are a daughter.

You are a friend.

And to top it all, you are a ‘Woman.’

But switching through all these roles, spares a very little time to be the real you!

So how do you pamper to that side of you without neglecting your other roles?

Thirteen plus one tips to womanhood

Well, here are your thirteen cues, that are quick, cost-effective and come as your richness guide, only from Enrich Salons.

The first priority is to take care of your skin. So eat healthy and drink a lot of liquids.

Enrich Tip: Fruits, fruit juices, lemonade, coconut water, green tea are a few suggestions.

No green tea? Then add tulsi leaves and ginger to your normal tea.

It’s as simple as you!

Then moving onto our next cue, Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.

It’s essential to wash your face with a good foamy face wash.

Enrich Tip: A mixture of turmeric powder, milk and sandalwood powder works the best to mask your body, with a wash to glow, glow, glowing!

To keep your eyes fresh, apply an under eye gel, regularly before you go off to sleep.

Enrich Tip: Use aloe vera gel and wash your eyes after ten minutes.

Whenever you venture out in the sun, don’t forget to apply a sun screen lotion on your face, neck and arms.

Enrich Tip: Alternatively you can also apply a tomato paste mixed with unboiled milk. Perfect Mask!

Scrub your lips each morning, wash them, and mositurise them with a petroleum jelly or ghee.

Enrich Tip: For those with a sweet tooth, you are free to use sugar to exfoliate your lips.

Enrich Tip: A face pack consisting of fuller’s earth, glycerin, lemon juice and turmeric, followed by a wash and a moisturizer will work wonders.

Enrich Tip: Wash your hair twice a week using a PH balanced shampoo and conditioner.

Enrich Tip: Its essential to oil your hair with coconut oil, atleast once a week followed by a hot towel wrap, to let the oil work best.

Enrich Tip: No matter how you flow it during the day, plait your hair at night to save it from wear and tear.

A foot bath during every alternate night is a very good idea.

Enrich Tip: Soak your feet into a hot water bath with diluted foot shampoo, for about fifteen minutes.

Scrub your feet well and then rinse it off.

After drying, use ample amount of foot cream and soothe a relaxing foot massage.

If you can wear socks through the night, wear them. They will only let the cream soak in better, to the tougher parts.

Do not neglect your elbows and hands.

They are the most often neglected portions.

Enrich Tip: Apply a good scrub onto your elbows and hands and rinse it off within a few seconds. After which, apply a soft body cream on your hands and a multi purpose cream on your elbows.

Alternatively you can also use malai for the same.

Enrich Tip: A cologne on your skin never harmed anyone other than the ozone layer (so use an environment friendly one) so use it liberally.

And finally, our fourteenth tip!

Wear a smile on your face.

Nothing could make you look lovelier than this ?

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