A perfect hair style is in your hands

You spend enough time thinking about your hair.

And then getting it styled.

And then it goes wrong!

Uh oh!

Enrich Salons tells you how to avoid such situation.

A perfect hair style is in your hands

Before landing up in the hands of the hair stylist, do your homework.

Be sure of what you want and be sure of your stylist.

You have to trust your stylist and he or she has to understand your hair and your needs.

Stay open to suggestions, and see that your stylist is so too.

Before he or she picks up the decisive pair of scissors, discuss, discuss, discuss.

And then discuss some more.

Take his or her suggestions about what he or she thinks will suit you best.

Consider them with an open mind.

Tell him or her how much time you have to groom yourself every day.

That is a big deciding factor in what your hair style is going to be.

Be realistic about your own hair texture.

Do not go for something good for straight hair when you know you have curly hair.

Make the best of the situation, and take your stylist’s help for that.

It is his or her job to know and advise accordingly.

Remember that.

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