Beautiful skin in a bag??

Grab This Monsoon Kit To Smile Monsoons

Monsoon is the time to remain as fresh as the Nature around you.

But how do you go about doing that?

Well, take this! A special Monsoon bag specially packed by Enrich Salons. It’s for free… Open It!

Monsoon Beauty Bag

Okay, so what do we have in?

A Cleanser?

Monsoons group in a lot of bacteria that might cause multiple infections on your skin. So take a pick on any of these mild soap free cleansers like Cetaphil or Sebamed and keep them at bay!

A Toner?

Rose water shines up as your best toner. Use it whenever your skin gets sticky. In fact, you can also get an added glow by mixing rose water with your face pack.

A Moisturiser?

Light moisturizers go well during rains, as they get easily absorbed.

A Body Lotion?

Just like your moisturiser, your body lotion should be light so it can be absorbed easily and will keep the skin of your whole body well hydrated.

If you use oils, again make sure they are light oils.

A Night Cream?

Spend time in also picking up a suitable night cream, as it repairs all the skin damage, done through the day. It works, while you sleep. Good night ?

A Serum?

And lastly, you need to ensure that your skin absorbs your moisturizer properly.

That’s when Serum comes to play! Use it, to absorb it!

But wait, what about hairdo and make up during monsoons?

Don’t panic! Go for waves or a fancy bun. And for your face, use a base that is a shade lighter than your normal skin tone. Use some mascara to highlight your eyes. And finally, add a spot of blush to say, Happy Monsoons!

Author: enrichsalon

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