Rain drops are falling on my feet

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Don’t you love the feel of rain on your head?


And mud on your feet?


We thought not.

Enrich Salons advises you how to take care of your feet this monsoon, to keep them not only clean and dry, but also free from infection.

Keep your nails short this season so they do not accumulate dirt.

Rain drops are falling on my feet

When stepping out, choose the right footwear.

Closed shoes let the water in and don’t let the perspiration out.

So stick to open footwear and, very importantly, make sure they are dry before stepping into them.

If you catch fungal infection very often, then sprey anti-perspirents between the toes before you leave.

Keep your socks dry, if you have to wear them, and change them as often as needed to avoid fungal infections.

Always keep an extra dry pair in your bag.

As soon as you get home, wash and dry your feet well.

Moisturise your feet every night before going to sleep to remove dead skins and to keep your skin supple.

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