Middle partings are back and how!

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Enrich Salons first noticed this hair trend at this year’s Grammys.

On Beyonce and Katy Perry.

Bet you noticed it too!

Yes. The middle parting is back.

And you don’t have to be in kindergarten to sport it.

Here are a few tips about how you can sport one, depending on the shape of your face.

If you have a pretty round or heart shaped face, take a fine toothed comb and use the sectioning tail to part your hair down the middle, starting from the top centre of your head.

Then comb the hair out flat on both sides.

This will elongate your face and make it the centre of attention.

And what attention!

Face is round and heart-shaped

If you have been gifted with a square shaped face, you don’t need to add more symmetry to it.

Try a mini middle parting.

Take a fine toothed comb and use the sectioning tail to part your hair down the middle, but this time starting a few inches below the top centre of your hair.

Now pull your hair back in an almost-bouffant, so your parting looks like a T.

Tease your hair for volume, or spray it to set.

If you want a softer effect, try bangs.

Face is square

If your face is a delicate oval, anything will suit you.

Middle part your hair any way you like.

For an extra glamorous look, add volume to your hair with a volumising mousse before blow drying it.

You can try a half up princess look by taking one inch sections from the top and pulling them back with barrettes at the sides or clipping them to the back of your head.

You can also slick it back into a ponytail with pomade, or let it hang down with a 70’s look.

Oval face


Or just ignore all of the above and go wild with your own middle parting styles.

What is to stop you?

All you need is a fine toothed comb with a sectioning tail, and imagination!

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Author: enrichsalon

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