Do I go to make up school or do I learn by working at the counter?

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Enrich Salons doesn’t just have advice, solutions and tips for people sitting in the salon chair, but also for those wanting to stand behind it.

So if you are contemplating a career as a beauty technician, read on.

Make up Training School

Is beauty school for you? Or can you learn enough just by working at the counter?

It depends from person to person, and both approaches can make you an expert beautician as good as any.

So what are the pros and cons for each?

Schools teach you technique.

The instructors help you improve your craft.

Makeup Training Clasess Beauty training class

You learn sanitation. How to keep your instruments, work station and make up sanitary.

You learn colour theory. Did you know about the colour wheel and how important it is in the world of beauty? Schools will tell you all about it.

You will learn about shapes of faces as well as types of skin and hair. Vital knowledge to know what look goes with what.

Schools help you build a make up kit that can see you through the basics of any beauty situation.


Schools are expensive. Especially for those who are still unsure about what they want to do with the degree.

Makeup Academy Makeup Tutorials


Schools are incomplete without experience. So after school, you might still need to work at the counter for a while. Theory is one thing. Practice another. You need to face the real world of real clients with needs that go against what you learnt, and then learn to go with it.

On the other hand, many skip school and go straight for working at the counter. Why do they do that?

Money is a big factor. When you can’t pay for the licence the school gives you, go for the invaluable free experience the counter gives you.

You gain experience working on all skin and hair types and working under all conditions.

You get to work on real problems – acne, scarring, rosacea – that are more common than you think.

Professional Make up courses

You learn social skills. Very important in the service industry. Especially in this one. You need to learn to earn the trust of the client before she puts herself in your hands and relaxes back.

You can choose your career and then dive into it right away. No waiting for courses to finish.

You get practice, practice, and more practice. Invaluable in this industry.

You also get your quota of basic education too, when new products offer private instructions on their applications. Sort of like crash course classes.


While at the counter your main job will still be that of a sales associate. So you might feel a bit compromised.

Also working at the counter can be time-consuming, and you get less time and energy to practice what you learnt by the time you get home.

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