Hot cross buns

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Do you have long glorious hair and want to sport it in all its glory in Summer too?

You can do that by tying the hottest buns in town.

Enrich Salons tells you how.

Try the Traditional Braid at first. It lets you let your hair down while at the same time it keeps the hair off your neck. For variety you can also try these quick buns.

Take the Top Knot for example. Put your hair up with a rubber band. Twist the length of your hair around the rubber band and use a U pin to secure it at the end. Done.

Hot Cross Buns

Next day you can try the Braid Bun. Tie your hair into a low pony tail using a rubber band. Now braid the length of your hair. You can tie a regular braid, a fish braid, or any other braid of your choice. Then tie the end off with an elastic band. Wrap the braid around the elastic and pin it in place. Done.

In the mood for a Sock Bun? Tie your hair back with a rubber band. Cut off the closed end of a pretty sock you don’t need. Pull your hair through the sock. Now roll out the sock so it covers the length of your hair. Tuck your hair in while rolling out the sock. Put it in place with U pins. Done.

The Braided Knot combines the beauty of the braid with the grace of a bun. Tie the top half of your hair with a rubber band. Flip your head downwards and braid the bottom half upside down. Now take the rubber band off the top half. Pull all your hair together, braided and unbraided, and tie the base with an elastic band. Wrap the loose ends around it. Put it all in place with bobby pins. Done.

Want a casual sexy look? Then the Messy Bun is the order of the day. Tie a loose ponytail with a rubber band. Take small bunches of your hair and mess each one up a bit. This is to give the bun its messy look. Now separate your hair into two sections and wrap each loosely in opposite directions. Put it all in place with bobby pins. Done.

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