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The health of your nails depends on how well your blood is circulating, and what it is circulating. It is also the evidence of how healthy you are overall. So it is very important what you eat. In just trying to keep your nails healthy, unknowingly you will be doing good to your whole body.

Unhealthy nails usually have white streaks, spots and ridges. Here’s what they mean and also how to combat it all.

White spots and streaks are caused by inadequate sugars. This causes an acid reaction which the body fights with minerals like zinc which it takes from elsewhere. You need to supplement that loss.

Healthy Nails Tips

Vertical lines and ridges indicate your diet is too high in carbohydrates and salts, and too low in proteins and fats.

Horizontal lines and indentations are an indication of a change in dietary habits. A long-term balanced raw vegan diet makes these streaks disappear.

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