You hair needs sunscreen too!

Never heard of sunscreen for your hair? That is  because it’s a new concept, and like all good things, it is catching up. Worldwide.

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Intensive research has shown that it is not only your skin that is affected by the Sun. UVA and UVB rays from the Sun damage the cuticles of your hair making it dry, brittle and damaged. It loses its natural moisture and shine, feels itchy, and dandruff appears. You can see for yourself that the top layer gets frizzier and thinner than the parts that are not exposed. Damaged hair breaks easily and becomes unmanageable and unruly. Harmful rays from the Sun break down the proteins in your hair known as keratin. Keratin helps keep your hair hydrated, flexible and healthy. You need to be even more careful about exposing your hair to the Sun if you blow dry your hair, use heated styling tools, dye, perm, or curl.

Using an umbrella when you step out will not help as the harmful UV rays penetrate it. A scarf or cap will not protect the hair that is not covered by it. Something that covers the hair completely will certainly help though.

Protect Your Hair During the Summer

But all is not lost. You don’t have to hide your beauty every time you go out. Not with the introduction of sunscreens for your hair, says Enrich Salons. There are many broad spectrum conditioners, lotions, sprays and gels that are easy to use and are light so your hair does not look greasy in the market now. Those containing SPF are specially effective. Try them.

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Also, next time you walk into Enrich Salons ask about home-made packs you can use weekly to give your hair the tender loving care it needs.

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