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Holi, the festival of colors has finally set in! Yes! It’s the much awaited time of the year when one completely forgets their inhibitions and drowns into the pool of colors!

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Be it from a small little touch to a bucket full of color showers, Holi has always been a festival that revises the usual phrase, from “Actions speak better than words to the colorful one- ‘Colors speak better than actions!’ So with our color juggle set, are you ready to shed your inhibitions? Are you ready to dip yourselves into the rainbow hues?
Well, we are glad to sense the yell of your excitement…..Bura Na Mano Holi Hai but now to remind you on the safety side, Holi has its own share of pros and cons. While one gets immersed in slating their plans for Holi, you need to remember a few precautionary measures that must be included in a Holi plan sheet! Starting from the basics, a moisturizer for your skin and a proper oiling for your bun tied hair is a MUST! Further, Daag acche Hai humein pata hai, but consider wearing your old worn out clothes or look for darker shades for this Holi eve!

Happy Holi by Enrich Salon
So now, with happiness done, precautions done, what more in Holi? Well, Holi is such a festive that irrespective of how much precautions you include, colors become a favorable resident for your skin and hair. They refuse to leave you even after taking showers. So you ask, what’s next? Well, don’t fear when Enrich Salon is here, remember?
We at Enrich will let you celebrate your favorite festival in your own colorful way and will further also give you a required treatment to get back your previous charm sans the color! Enrich offers a buffet of services to rejuvenate your skin like never before and tidy your hair like the way you want it! We have an answer to all your beauty related queries!
Your beauty is our duty!

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So join us through our month long March offer and avail some exciting offers to get rid of those Holi Ke Side Effects, at your very own hub, Enrich Salons!
Here’s a big warm wish, Happy Holi!

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