You are Special Offer

You are Special Offer

When it comes to Enrich Salons and you, You Are Special! And have always been! Whether you have been a member of Enrich Salons or not, we have tried to know you not as members but as people with different personalities and tastes. We have endeavored to make it a one-to-one experience every time you have visited us. We have regaled you with offers, special services, surprises, feel-good exercises, gifts, promotions and more, and will continue to do so. To us it is not as much a matter of serving you as it is of building a relationship. It is not as much as making you look better, as making you feel good too. So that you keep coming back not just because you need to, but because you want to.

You are Special

And here’s another example of how.

If you are a member, here are just a few ways in which you can benefit. You can refer four add-on members, two of whom will be paid and two of whom will be complimentary. When you visit us, you will get served your choice of beverage, and when you lie back, sipping at your drink, to avail our services, you will get served by your preferred therapist. Every time. Also, if you refer your near and dear ones to our membership program, and if they enroll by March 15, 2014, they can avail of all of the above, plus get the redemption service of the credit of Rs 500 within the next 30 days of their enrollment. So come. Indulge yourself and your dear ones.

If you are not a member, don’t feel left out. Because we, at Enrich Salons, have a special membership program just for you. All you have to do is walk in and enroll by March 15, 2014. Once a member, you can avail of all of the above facilities, plus get a 20% discount every time you avail our services. You will also get special benefits on birthdays and anniversaries, added to which you can avail the redemption service of the credit of Rs 500 within the next 30 days of your enrollment.

You are Special Offer

So what are you waiting for? March 15, 2014? But that’s the last date!Enroll now if you are not a member, and get others to enroll if you are one. And then come to us, lie back, relax, and feel good inside and out.

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