Make your V-day ‘look’ just perfect!

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Valentine’s day is a special day, especially when romance is in the air. It becomes more special when you to spend the evening or day with your loved one. So, dress right and pair them with the right make-up and accessories for the perfect look on your valentine day. Here are some straight quick-fix points to look just right for V-day.

Wear the right perfume

Choose a good fragrance, that will last long for your special day.

Do up your hair

Today, salons provide the expertise and guiding knowledge where you can go for your services. Some actresses and Celebs even hire image consultants and grooming experts as a common practise. You can go to the salon and take get a nice hairstyle that will go with the evening.

Experiment with colors!

We all know red color is symbolic for love, to add spunk try pink and sea green colors this season. They look good on both fair and dusky complexions and also make you look different in the crowds.

Get ready for valentine's day

Invest in a good lipstick

While going on a date you can opt for soft pink, coral, peach or a red lipstick on a sexy dress. Extenuate your eyes so he cant take his eyes off you. Don’t forget to ask for tips from your favourite grooming expert at the salon.

Do a hairstyle

Sometimes it is stylish to don a new hairstyle or pull your hair back so that the flawless skin and make-up will show.

Get a manicure

Opt for a nice manicure treatment and paint them with bright colours. Nails stickers can help make a detailed manicure fuss-free.

Get a shining glow

Go to the salon and opt for a facial that makes your skin looks rejuvenated and fresh. Nothing will help if you show up for a date on a V-Day with a dull-looking skin.

Wear a good smile and be positive

Brush your teeth well and show off those pearlies when you smile on your date.

Go to a spa

If possible opt for a spa treatment before V-Day. It will not only make you look good but also make you feel good.

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