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Many women feel that their skin does not necessarily glow and suffers from a dull complexion. In order that the complexion lightens and the skin starts looking nourished, one needs to visit salons and consult beauty experts on how they can make their skin looking spotless and exude radiance. With so many treatments and products available in the market, there is no question for getting disappointed when your skin does not look as you want it to be.

Enrich Salons & Academy has introduced a new kind of facial that uses active oxygen, papaya, mulberry and green tea & extracts. Active oxygen removes toxins from the skin, oxygenates the cell.Mulberry extract  helps to lighten the skin tone. Papaya with enzyme Papen helps to speed up the process. Green tea gives stimulation to the skin cell. Hence , instant brightening of the skin is seen. The facial encloses use of oxygen cleansing gel, derma light, whitening serum, oxygen tonic , oxygen massage cream. From these natural extracts, two masks are made and then applied to the face for providing that extra nourishment that your face requires.

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The dull complexion gets an instant uplift when you indulge in a natural mask like this. The mask helps in revitalizing your dull and sallow skin and makes you look brighter at the end of the day. Invest in it and feel the change when you make heads turn at parties or even at work.

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