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The Indian contemporary bride has undergone several changes as she gets completely taken in by the recent fashion trends. The bridal collection when it comes to dressing the Indian bride has gone for a great makeover and even the way you groom yourself for the D-Day has changed a lot in the past decade. The Indian bride is divided according to different communities and here we would like to introduce how the various communities have gone for an image makeover with the changing styles.

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Indian Punjabi and contemporary Bride

Punjabi bride

Big rolling waves with gorgeous hair accessories are now considered very trendy when you dress a Punjabi bride. Earthy colours are used for make-up to create a natural look. Red and gold colours are considered for the Punjabi bride. Golden highlighter is also used to create an illusion. Gold blush is added to her red blushed cheeks. Contouring is further intensified with a matte bronzer.

Maharashtrian bride

Classic updos and half-up and half down hairstyles are generally preferred for Maharashtrian brides. Gold and bronze colours are used for eyeshadow, red for lipsticks with gold pigmented lipgloss and face and neck contouring is done using a bronzer. Special attention is given to eyes too.

Indian Catholic and Gujarati Bride

Catholic bride

Catholic brides’ hair is done in an innovative way for curly hair specially, to make it look trendy. This year’s make-up trend for catholic bride is a combination of frosted silver and pink eyeshadow and a pink lipstick and silver gloss makes you look pretty and attractive on your special day. Some brides also prefer to not look very bright and therefore a semi-traditional look is preferred and almost nude pink lip colour is chosen for the one who doesn’t want to look like a typical bride on her wedding day. The glow is created by contouring the nose and chin.

Gujarati/Marwari bride

Since the Gujarati and Marwari brides prefer the traditional look, the hair are tied in a low bun but the hairstyle is done more in the contemporary fashion. The colour red is highlighted on the eyes and the skin tone is preferred to be yellow with a combination of brown. The gold glitter eyeshadow works best on Gujarati and Marwari brides. Sometimes, Gujarati brides prefer to keep their hair open for the reception and so our grooming experts choose to give an elegant look, where shoulder length hair is left open, but tied up on the sides to enhance the facial features.

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